how to remove water spots from car

Do water spots have ruined the color of your car paint? If your answer is yes then stop wondering about how to remove water spots from car because cartoolsguide is here to discuss with you the 3 different ways of removing hard water spots from car.

What are water spots and how can you identify them?

Water spots are traces of minerals, acids, salts and other contaminations which remains dissolved in water and when the water evaporates or dries naturally at that time spots are identified on the car surface.

Are water spots harmful to car paint?

Yes water spots are really harmful for car paint. If acid rain falls into the surfaces of your car immediately wash your car with fresh water because if you allow the acid rain to dry on your car surfaces then water spots will form and it will ruin the paint of your car within a year or two.

How to remove water spots from car

Now we are going to describe three different methods of removing water spots from car first one clay method and the second one is vinegar method and the last one is wash and dry method. So if you want to remove the water spots from your car by yourselves then scroll down and follow our three different methods of removing water spots from car and apply any one that you think best or comfortable with.

The Clay Bar Method

The claying method requires the following materials

Clay Bar
A microfiber towel/paper towel
Detailer spray/lubricant.
  • Before using the clay you must clean your car surface with a fresh water. After that apply the lubricant on the surface of your car to get proper cleaning results from it. The area where you are going to apply the clay bar should be bound to 2 feet.
  • Next glide the clay gently on the lubricated surface. During the time of gliding you must check whether the clay is clear or not because if your clay remains dirty then you have to apply another side of the clay or you have to use another clay to get proper cleaning results from it.
  • Finally you must wipe the area with a microfiber towel where you have used the clay. Now to check the cleanliness of your car surfaces you must slide your fingers on the car’s paint. If you notice that your finger is sliding on the car surface easily then you should think its ok but if your finger sticks on the car surfaces then you have to re-clay the surface of your car.

Vinegar Method

The Vinegar method requires the following materials

Distilled water
White vinegar
Spray bottle
Microfiber towel
  • At first take a larger size bowl then create your cleaning solution by mixing 2 parts distilled water and 1 part white vinegar.
  • Pour the whole solution into a spray bottle. It will make the process of application lot more easier.
  • Now spray the whole mixture on the hard water stains and keep your focus on one particular area at a time. So that you can properly dry the place where you have applied the solution.
  • Rub the water spots gently with the help of a softer and clean cloth. You can do the task with a fine microfiber towel. If the water spots remains on your car surfaces for a long periods of time then you need to apply more solution and it will take more time to fully remove the water spots from your car surfaces. If the water spots fall currently then you can remove it quickly by just applying few drops of solution.
  • If the water spots remains in a large area then rinse off the car with your hose or if its a small area then use a clean cloth to soak the water.
  • Now dry your car surface completely by using a dry clean microfiber towel.
  • If necessary then you can repeat any step according to your wish.

Wash and Dry Method

Wash and dry method is the most simplest method for removing hard water spot from your car. Before applying any method you need to wash your car with fresh water. The preliminary fresh water wash helps in cleaning the dirt’s and dust from your car.

The wash and dry method requires the following materials

A bucket of warm soapy water
A bucket of clean water
A washing mitt/sponge
A hose
A microfiber towel
  • At fist soak the washing sponge into the soapy water and rubbed it onto the spotted area of your car. After washing the water spots rinse the mitt in the clean water of another bucket. Next apply the same process until you complete washing.
  • After completing the process you must keep your car ideally for more than 1-2 minutes which will allow you in loosening the minerals of the water stains.
  • Next you should wash out hard water spots thoroughly with a clean water of a hose. You must wash the car by keeping under a shade to avoid direct sunlight to fall into it which may dry the wet areas and again develop the water spots.
  • Finally you should dry the surfaces of your car with the help of a microfiber towel. If you have budget then you can also use distilled water for cleaning the surfaces of your car because no minerals dissolved in the distilled water which may may deposit after evaporation of water.


Depending on the contaminants of your local water supply there are different types of water spots which forms on the car surface. All these three different types of water spots are harmful for your car paint to a certain degree.

  1. Hard Water Spot
    Hard water is rich in naturally occurring minerals like magnesium, calcium etc. All these minerals will remains on the surface and make water spots if you allow the water to evaporate either with time or with the scorching heat of the sun. Now the question arises from where these hard water comes from? These hard water comes from tap water ,sprinklers which may repeatedly spray the car at parking or at somewhere else. If you do not dry the whole car completely after washing then the water droplets that remains on the car paint can cause hard water spots.
  2. Bonded Mineral
    Bonded minerals water spot is a little more severe than hard water spot because it contains particles from dust ,forest fires, smoke of vehicles ,industrial plants ,stoves etc which not only damages the color of your car paint but also creates unnecessary scratches on your car surfaces which damages the finish of your car paint. Now the question arises that from where this bonded mineral occurs? This bonded mineral occurs as a dust deposits or mixed with rainwater on the surface of car. The bonded mineral water spots are mostly generated from acid rain.
  3. Etching
    The most difficult water spot to get rid of is etching. This type of water spots is formed by sunlight for a long period of time. If you do not manage this water spots properly then it will cause permanent damage to your car. That’s why I think it will be better if you call a professional to remove this etching.


If you are still reading this article then I think you have understood the three different methods of cleaning water spots. Now its up to you which process you will apply. But I can say you one thing all these three process are helpful for removing water spots from your car surfaces.

So if your car paint has water spots then apply any single method from the above given three methods. If you do not have time for applying the process then you should use best water spot remover to safeguard your car paint.

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