Do you have a car in your home and wants to keep it clean? If your answer is yes then there are two option available in your hand one is do the task of cleaning by yourselves or go to near by garage to do the snow foam car wash of your car.

Now the next question arise is do you have enough money in your pocket because getting snow foam car wash from the outside is not only tiresome task but also expensive. That’s why if you do not have enough money in your pocket then it will be better if you know how to make snow foam car wash by yourselves.

So if you want to learn the process of How to make car wash foam at home then scroll down and read this article with full of attention.

Things you must do Before washing your car with Snow foam

Keep your car cool

It will be impossible to touch the car if it remains hot. That’s why it will be better if you keep your car on a cool place or give it rest for more than a hours if it has been driven by you or someone else.

Spray Along

Everyone knows that to do snow foam car wash using pressure washer is a must choice. So before doing the car wash with snow foam you must press the trigger of the pressure washer and witness the foam sprouting out. Now you will get the opportunity to regulate the nozzle to get foam particle according to your wish. To get fuller foaming result easily it will be better if you remain three meter away from the car.

What is snow foam car wash?

Before going into the topic it will be better if I describe about Snow foam car wash. So the question is what is snow foam car wash? Snow foam is a cleaning agent which helps you to properly wash your car. Snow foam is a pre wash which improves the washing properties by giving your car both brighter and shinny look.

The chemical compound and consistency makes snow foam car wash highly fruitful compared to clean water wash. The foam remains on the car body for a long periods of time and falls of when the water is applied to clean it. So its an useful agent to give your car both shinny and brighter look.

How to make snow foam car wash 2022

Here is the complete guide of how to make snow foam car wash. To know the whole process scroll down and read the complete article

Make the solution

At first you have to make the solution for better washing results. You will find lot of snow foam detergent liquid right now available in the market. From so many option you must select a quality one because if you wash your car with low quality snow foam detergent then it may fade the color of your car while washing the dirt and dust from your car.

So if you do not want to loose the color of your car then you must select a more pH-balanced snow foam for your car.

Have good quality foam gun

Have quality foam gun from the local market. If you are a beginner then it will be better if your select a snow foam gun that is not so much complex and comes with a proper installation for easy use.

Next you must check its foaming abilities before having it.

It will be better if you select a bigger size bottle during the high-pressure washing otherwise it will not turn upside down by itself. Bigger size foam gun bottle will offer you better stability and control for a satisfying washing session.

Get a pressure washer

You should get a pressure washer to do the foam cannon wash of your car. Pressure washer generates the strength which requires  for quality snow foaming. It will be better if you select a pressure washer that has the capability to force 1800 to 3000 PSI. You must also make sure that washer can deliver 8 liters each minute.

While having a pressure washer you should also find a hose that is  8 -10 meters in length. So that you can get a relaxing washing session without the need of carrying the machine whenever you are moving.

After getting the above mentioned pressure washer you should attach the snow gun with the machine and now the whole machine has become ready to apply the foam cannon solution to your car.

Apply it by using proper ratio

If you are using snow job ’s liquid detergent, then the water to detergent ratio should be 9:1.

Should not allow the snow foam to dry

how to make snow foam car wash

You should not allow the snow foam to dry it in your car body.

After applying the snow foam wait for 5-10 minutes

After applying the snow foam coat you must wait for 5-10 minutes. Next you should wash the vehicle with lot’s of plain water starting from the top.

Wash the little bit of dirt with car wash shampoo

After washing the foam cannon with water if you notice any dirt remains in your car body then wash it with best car wash shampoo to get better cleaning results.

Dry and shine it

Now you should dry the whole body of your car by applying microfiber car towels to get dirt free cleaning results and better shine from your car.

Finally you should spray with a turtle wax after that you should use a microfiber towels to both dry and shine your car.


In this article we have discussed how to make snow foam car wash by buying the snow foam detergent from outside but if you have a wish of applying snow foam that is made up of homely method then you must do google search by typing the word How to make car wash foam at home and read the article carefully.

We all know to get the best cleaning result you have to make your foam cannon more foamy as with the help of this solvent your car will get better cleaning results. So if you wants to know how to make foam cannon more foamy then read our similar article by clicking on the red color link.

Now I think you become ready to do the snow foam car wash by yourselves.

Thanks for reading this article with so much patience.

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