how to remove wax from car

Knowing How to remove wax from car is really essential for every car enthusiast as after a certain period of time you have to remove the old wax from your car and you have to reapply the new wax at that time if you know how to remove wax from your car then it will be a real advantage for every single car enthusiasts.

If you are thinking about shining your car then car wax will be an excellent product for improving both the resilience and shine of your car paint. So if you want to maintain your car and want to keep it clean then waxing your car is the only way. In this automotive world, the need for car wax is increasing day by day.

Why Should you remove old wax from car

As waxing does such a great job to keep the shinning of your car you may have a question in your mind that why should you remove old wax from the car? Now my answer is it is important to periodically remove the old car wax before reapplying the new coat. At a certain period of time, your previous wax will start looking dull. It may happen after 3 months or if you keep your car without any cover then it may happen earlier also.

If your old wax starts to seem dull then the time has come to reapply new wax. If you know how to remove wax from your car then it will be a huge benefit for you as to perform this task you do not have to take your car to the garage.

If you do not remove the old wax from your car then you will not get the shine that basically you get from a new wax. That’s why it is necessary to know how to remove car wax. If you want to get better shine from your car.

How to remove wax from car 2021

How to remove wax from car

Now we are going to discuss about how to remove wax from car for which I think you are waiting for such a long period of time. We are going to discuss it in a step-by-step process.

  • At first, you should wet the total vehicle surface thoroughly before starting the removal of the wax process.
  • You must notice very closely at the water as you are going to use the water over your car paint. The area where you are flowing water has a solid wax coating then the water will start flowing rapidly.

Wash the Whole Vehicles Completly

  • As you have wash your car with water I think your car is still wet. Now have a bucket and add a dollop of soap into it.
  • Now you just add a little bit of water so that it will help you to add a nice bed of foamy suds.
  • After that, you just dip your car sponge into the bucket then you just rub the vehicle for several times within two or three feet area.
  • Then you just keep the soap to sit on every section for few minutes then again rub your car several time with your car wash brush.
  • Now continue the process over the entire vehicle, wash every section or part of your car at a certain time.

Complete a final wax test and clean your car more if its needed

  • Spray every single section of your car when you are thinking that every single part of your car is clean.
  • Now look at the water flowing if the total wax has been removed then the water will not bid as easily as it has been flowing before as we all know wax creates a little bit of glossiness to your car paint or body.
  • If you are thinking that little bit of wax still remains on your car paint then rub it with some isopropyl alcohol will be diluted down to 70 percent concentration.
  • If you have done all the steps by using a car wash to remove the car wax or if you used alcohol to remove the remaining wax of your car then I think you will feel confident right now. As you have completed the task by yourself just by reading a guide.

After How many months you should remove the old wax

It is necessary to remove the old wax from your car. But many people have a question in their mind that how often they will remove the wax from their car? My answer will be it depends on your use or keeping the car. If you keep your car under the shaded area then you have to remove the old wax after 3 months but if you do not keep your car under the shades then you may have to remove the wax before 3 months. So it depends on your use.

How to remove car wax from glass

Wax basically forms in glasses and windshields with which a car driver keeps the clarity while driving a car. To remove this wax from your car different home-based strategies are made.

First, prepare an acidic liquid then keep the acidic liquid in a mug after that a dip a cotton cloth in your acidic mug. The acidity will surely help you in removing the wax from your car window or glass by keeping your car glasses free from clouds.

How to Remove Car Wax From Plastic Trim

how to remove car wax

While driving your car on a hill station wax will form on a plastic trim naturally. But it is really problematic to avoid wax from your plastic trim. Below with a few steps, we are going to describe that how to remove car wax from plastic trim

With the help of soap, you can not remove car wax from plastic trim which means you have to apply other tricky options so that you can very easily remove the wax from plastic trim.

You may have remember the white school rubber or eraser that you have used to remove the pencil writing in your school that white rubber is going to be pretty much useful in removing the car wax from plastic trim. It will not make any kind of damage or discoloration to your car headlights.

So I think this White colored eraser is the best home-based strategy to remove car wax from plastic trim without causing any kinds of damage.


I think this guide about how to remove car wax will increase your confidence level as you have done or completed the total task by yourself. You do not have to take the car to a garage to remove the car wax from your car. But while removing the wax you must remove the water spots from car paint which gives a bad look tour car.

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