how to install led tail lights on jeep wrangler

If you are having a Jeep Wrangler in your house then it is essential to know How to install LED tail lights on Jeep wrangler.

how to install led tail lights on jeep wrangler

If you are thinking about improving the exterior of your car then I think LED tail lights will be the best option for you. The benefit of using LED tail lights in your Jeep Wrangler is the other car driver will very easily recognize that your car is on the road or not.

These LED tail lights become very useful during the night or during the rainy day because during the night time if you stop your Jeep wrangler at a certain place then how can other car drivers will know your car position at that time if you keep on your LED tail lights then it will be easier for other car drivers to recognize your Jeep wrangler for the long-distance and by this way, it will help in reducing accident.

Now if you driving your car on a rainy day at that time having the Best LED tail lights for jeep wrangler will be the must-have choice. Because in a rainy day we can’t see at a long-range distance at that time if your Jeep wrangler has a LED tail lights then other car drivers will very easily watch your Jeep wrangler.

As in a rainy day, all the things seem hazy while doing overtake the other car driver faces a problem and at that time if you keep on LED tail lights of your jeep wrangler then it will reduce the cause of an accident in the road.

Now many people will say it is time-consuming to take the Jeep wrangler to a garage and to install a LED tail lights but if I know how to install led tail lights on your own then I think every single person will install LED tail lights in their car as they do not have to pay single money to the garage owner and they will get a great look of their car after installing LED tail lights and the other benefit they will get after installing Jeep wrangler is it will reduce accident because if you stop your car by keeping on the LED tail lights then other car drivers will recognize your Jeep wrangler or your vehicle very easily and it will reduce the accident level from the back.

How to install LED tail Lights On Jeep Wrangler 2021

how to install led tail lights on jeep wrangler

Now we are going to describe how to install led tail lights in 6 simple steps which will make your task a lot easier.

At first, you must remove the housing of the tail lights from your jeep wrangler. Maximum car tail lights are simply bolted from the inside of the trunk. You should remove the plastic from the rear of lamp. After that you should leave remaining the mounting points with enough support to re-house the lights after customization.

Next, you must Mold the ABS plastic to create a custom plate that will match the existing housing of a vehicle. Next, you must contour the plastic to the shape of a tail light with a heat gun. It is included with a specific customization option that will surely work with depth so that it will create visual interest or colored plates.

Thirdly take the new LED tail lights out from the box that you have brought from the market and try to put tail lights backup to make sure that it is the correct side before you put all the bulbs back in.

You should create the grid pattern for the LEDs on the plastic plates. Lay out the grid pattern on the formed plastic plates. Drill holes in the plates that follow the grid pattern. Lay out functions required of the lights for the particular vehicle. 

Next, you should attach the LED bulb. After that, you should apply a small drop of instant glue to each LED bulb after that you should fix every single bulb in a drilled hole.

Fourthly you must connect the Jeep Wrangler LED tail lights with factory wiring because maximum sockets and plugs are designed to simply plug and play. If any hard wiring is needed. Simply you must connect the stock red wire to the red wire of LED tail lights and black wire with the black.

Before you should have the LED tail light bolt-on back completely you should test it first. You should test the brake light after that test the turn signal light and at last test the backup light.

To make sure whether every single light is working or not. If you notice that one of them is not working then you must inspect the connection because it is the reason for the lamp not glowing up.

Lastly, you should place the LED tail lights back into the location of the original LED tail lights. If you are doing the whole task by yourself then use blue tape so that it can hold the LED tail lights. But if you have friend with you then you can give the LED tail lights to him so that he can hold it.

You should not bolt the screw completely tighten because you may have to adjust the position after completly adjusting the position where you want to fix it up then you must completely tighten the screw.

best jeep wrangler led tail lights

You may have a question in your mind that why should you have the Best jeep wrangler LED tail lights? My answer will be will you want to avoid accidents or not? If your answer is yes then have a Best jeep wrangler LEd tail lights for your jeep wrangler because it really helps in avoiding accidents especially during the night.

We often stop our car or Jeep wrangler at the middle of the road due to any problem in our car or Jeep wrangler. As car is a mechanical device it can stop anywhere any moment but if it happens during the night and you do not have LED tail lights in your Jeep wrangler then it will be surely very difficult for the car driver to understand the size of your car or about the location of your car and it can cause an accident. But if you have the best automotive taillights then the car driver or truck driver will very easily understand about the position of your jeep wrangler.

So if you know how to install LED tail lights on jeep wrangler then it will be both time-saving and cost-effective for you.


In this article, I have described how to install Led tail lights in a step-by-step process which will be pretty easy for you to learn. If you follow our every single step and have faith in us then you can very easily install LED tail lights on your Jeep wrangler.

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