Most of the car enthusiast knows that foam cannon is the best car washing equipment as it has the ability to remove dirt and dust very easily and more importantly it has the ability to remove the minor scratches also.

Now comes to the main point that is do you know how to make foam cannon more foamy? If your answer is no then you do not have to feel ashamed for that because its impossible to know everything by a single person.

So if you do not know how to make foam cannon more foamy then you must read this article in a step by step process or you can watch a youtube video by clicking the red color link to get proper guide about it.

How to make foam cannon more foamy 2022

There are few ways to make foam cannon more foamy which I will discuss in this article

how to make foam cannon more foamy

Use a perfect power washer

To make your foam cannon more foamy selecting the right pressure washer will be your first choice. Select a pressure washer that is compatible with the foam cannon in terms of both GPM and PSI.

You must use a perfect soap

After selecting the perfect pressure washer you must select a perfect soap to make your foam cannon more foamy.

You may have a question in your mind that which type of soap will be perfect to make your foam cannon more foamy? My answer to your question is have a PH balanced soap to make your foam canon more foamy.

Mix the soap with a warm water

To get more foam from foam cannon the thing that is essential is having the right water. If you mix the foam cannon in cold water then you cannot make your foam cannon more foamy but if you mix your foam cannon in a warm water then you can very easily make your foam cannon more foamy that’s why having a boiled water is essential to make your foam cannon more foamy.

Clean your car before foaming

Before foaming the car you must wash your car with a clean water because by doing so you can keep your car clean from dust and debris. After washing the car with clean water you must use a pressure washer to clean the both in and out of your car.

Preserve your foam cannon

You must store your foam cannon in a safest place. Do not keep your foam cannon in an uncovered area where sunlight falls directly and the reason for not keeping it in a direct sunlight because the sunlight can fade the color of the foam. So after using the foam cannon if you want to reuse it then you must keep it in a cool and dark place.

How to use snow foam

how to make foam cannon more foamy

Snow foam is a pretty effective formula for washing a car. The best way of using this snow foam is to use it either by attaching it with a foam gun or foam cannon then connect it with a power washer. While using the power washer you must make sure that it does not come in with any physical contact with the surface of a vehicle.

Now you should mix a 90 ml of snow foam in a 1 liter of water in the snow foam gun. After that shake the gun so that the foam cannon should mix with the water.

Now attach the foam gun with a pressure washer and apply the snow foam in your car but you should not forget one important point before applying the snow foam that is keeping the vehicle dry.

While applying the foam cannon you must keep a distance of 3 to 5 feet from your vehicle. You should start applying snow foam from the roof of the car after that apply the snow foam on the side portion or on your car side body and at last apply it on your car tire. As the car tires and wheels remains dirtier that’s why you can apply it once more if you want cleanly look.

Now give 10-15 minutes time to dry it but do not wait until it becomes completely dry. You must apply more amount foam in the dry spots of your car.

Now you should wash the whole car with a clean water. Start watering from the roof of the car after that apply water on the side parts of the car body and at last on the wheels.

If you are having a black color car and its filled with more dust and dirt then use best car wash soap or shampoo to get better cleaning results.

You just add 10-25 ml of car wash shampoo in 1 liter of water then add some extra water in a bucket and mix it well before applying it on your car surface.

Now use a microfiber car wash mitt to clean the whole car. Start cleaning your car from the roof and end with the bumpers and tires of your car.

If the task of cleaning it with car wash soap or shampoo has been completed then you must take a bucket of water and start applying from the roof of your car.

Once you have completed the task of cleaning your car now you must clean the bucket that you have used for cleaning your car.

Now dry your car surface with the best microfiber towel and get a clean and scratch free look from your most favorite car.

Do you need Foam Cannon to wash your Car?

I think many car enthusiast have this question in their mind that is it useful to wash a car with foam cannon? My answer is yes because if you use foam cannon to wash your car then it will save your all important time and you have to use less amount of foam cannon compare to car wash soap .

Foam cannon will need less soap because it will be mixed with a pressure washer which will improve the

How to use snow foam


Foam cannon will take less time for washing your car compared to car wash soap because it will remove the dust and dirt from your car by applying less effort. You can spread the foam cannon towards the every single part of your vehicle just by turning the pressure washer wherever you want to apply.

Types of foam cannon

Basically, there are different types of foam cannon that are right now available in the market they are

Adjustable foam cannon

Adjustable foam cannon has the ability to spray foam cannon at three different patterns which are stream pattern, single pattern and circular pattern etc. With adjustable foam cannon you can customize your spray pattern which will make your task of spraying lot more easier.

Quick-release foam cannon

Compared to adjustable foam cannon quick release foam cannon is much more popular in the market. Quick-release foam cannon has the ¼ – inch male fitting which you can very easily attach with the power washer wand to make your job of rinsing and washing your vehicle much more effective.

Professional grade foam cannon –

Professional grade foam cannon is a higher quality foam cannon which is made up of heavy duty materials like stainless steel. Professional grade foam cannon will produce thicker foam and its little bit on the expensive side. It is made to withstand both wear and tear and it will increase both durability and sturdiness.

Foam Cannon bottles

There are two types of foam cannon bottle available in the market one is opaque bottle and the other one is transparent bottle. Opaque bottle will not allow you to watch the task of foaming on the other hand transparent bottle will allow you to watch the task of foaming.

Foam Cannon with an interchangeable nozzle

Sometimes we have noticed that foam cannons has comes with interchangeable nozzle tips that will help you in discharging the spray from a different angle. Foam cannons that have come with an interchangeable angle are 15°, 25°, 40°, etc.

What is the reason for foam cannon not foaming perfectly?

There are lot’s of reason for not foaming foam cannon perfectly from all of those reason the first reason for not foaming perfectly is not using perfect car wash soap.

There are maximum car wash soap that produces some suds, few other soap produces thicker types of foam and some are produced to use with a foam gun. So from this three different types of soap if you do not use soap that produces thicker type of foam then it can be the reason for not foaming perfectly.

The next reason for not foaming your foam cannon perfectly can be not using perfect water. If you mix the foam cannon with a cold water then it will not produce enough foam but if you mix the foam cannon with a hot water then it will surely produce lot’s of foam and thicker suds.

The last important reason is using perfect pressure washer. There are two types of pressure washer one is gas powered pressure washer and the other one is electric powered pressure washer. If you want to get more foamy result from your foam cannon then have electric powered pressure washer which is both easier to use and easier to navigate.


If you are still reading this article then I think you have understood the process of how to make foam cannon more foamy. But if you still has any question regarding its related factor like How to adjust foam cannon or how to make thick foam for car wash then you can feel free to ask me through below comment section.

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