how to make foam cannon more foamy

You may have a question in your mind while doing foam cannon wash of your car that is How to make foam cannon more foamy? But you do not have the courage to ask someone or you do not have the proper place to clear your doubt but if you read this guide with full of attention then you will know How to make foam cannon more foamy as in this guide we are going to discuss all about How to get more foam from foam cannon.

I think many people have faced the problem of making foam cannons more foamy. But after reading this article you will be able to make your foam cannon more foamy. You must turn on the power washer and after using you must store the concentrate in the air-tight seal bottle.

If you are thinking about removing car scratches, debris, and marks from your car then I think using foam cannon will be the best way. The foam has the ability to dissolve a lot more dirt which other cleaning agents cannot. Using a foam cannon is more safest than using a bucket and a car soap to wash your car.

How to make foam cannon more foamy 2021

There are few tricks to make How to get more foam from foam cannon which I will discuss in this article

how to make foam cannon more foamy

Use a perfect power washer

It is really important to use the right amount of pressure washer. You must make sure that the power washer that you want to use should be compatible with the foam cannon in terms of both GPM and PSI.

You must use a perfect soap

If you are looking for a special soap that is designed to shoot thick foam and remove any debris or dirt then you have a soap-like watermelon snow foam.

If you are thinking to make your foam cannon more foamy then it is really essential to select a perfect soap that are designed in such a way will shoot thick foam.

Mix the soap with a warm water

To get more foam from foam cannon the thing that is essential is having the right water. If you mix the foam cannon in cold water then you cannot make your foam cannon more foamy but if you mix your foam cannon in a warm water then you can very easily make your foam cannon more foamy that’s why having a boiled water is essential to make your foam cannon more foamy.

Clean your car before foaming

Before foaming your car the most essential thing that you must do is clean the vehicle or wash your car and makes it a habit of cleaning your car before doing the task of foaming.

If you will do this task then it will remove a large amount of dirt and debris from your car before starting the task of foaming. You must use a power washer to clean the in and out of your car.

Preserve your foam cannon

There are some people who leave their foam cannon full of water and soap. It is dangerous as it will create calcium deposits which will surely help you to save the foam cannon from shooting thick foam.

After every single use you must make sure that you clean your foam cannon thoroughly which will help you to keep away from calcium deposits. After that, you must clean the bottle with fresh water.

How to use snow foam

how to make foam cannon more foamy

Snow foam is a pretty effective pre-wash formula that you can spray on your vehicle. The best way to use this snow foam is to use a spray it with either a foam gun or foam cannon which will help you to connect it with a power washer. Using a power washer you should make sure that there should be no physical contact with the surface of a vehicle.

You should mix a 90 ml snow foam in 1 liter of water in the snow foam gun. You should shake the gun to give the mixture a perfect level of the mix.

You should attach the foam gun with a pressure washer and cover the vehicle on snow foam. You should make sure that your vehicle is dry enough before applying the snow foam.

You must keep a distance of 3 to 5 feet of the tip of a foam gun from your vehicle. You should begin using the snow foam on the roof of your car after that apply it on your car bonnet, doors, and at last on tires. You can apply the snow foam for the second time in a dirtier area like wheels and bumpers.

You must allow the foam to stick to the car surface for at least 5 to 10 minutes but you should not allow to completely dry. You must apply more amount of foam in the dry spots.

You must clean the vehicle with clean water from the tires until and unless it comes to the car tires.

If your car is having some pollen and rough stains or your car is having real dirt then you must wash your car with the best car wash shampoo.

You just add 10 to 25 ml of car wash shampoo in 1-liter water after that add it in a bucket of water. After that mix, it for several times and then apply it to your car surface to get a clean look.

Next you must use a microfiber car wash mitt to clean your car. You must start cleaning your car from the top and at last, come to the car bumpers and tires.

Clean the surface of your car where you have shampooed. Now you may ask how should you wash it? My answer will be to clean it with fresh water. Have a bucket of water and apply it to your car’s surface and in this way you can very easily clean the surface of your car.

Once you have completed the task of cleaning your car now you must clean the bucket that you have used for cleaning your car.

You must use a dry microfiber towel to dry the water from your vehicle which will make your car shinny and glossy.

Do you need Foam Cannon to wash your Car?

How to use snow foam

Do many people have questions in their mind that whether using foam cannon for washing your car is useful? But my answer will be yes it’s useful. Basically, foam cannon uses less amount of soap and water to wash your car. Just by using a pressure washer and foam cannon you can very easily clean your car. Foam cannon wash needs less soap because it will be mixed with a pressure washer which will surely help you to improve the conversation.

Another important time of using foam cannon wash is it will reduce the time of washing your car. Basically, it will take less amount to clean your car compared to car wash soap. You should make sure that the dirt that is present in your car should be removed pretty efficiently. With the help of a foam cannon, you can very easily spread the soap towards every single part of your vehicle just by turning the pressure washer towards the direction.

If you are having a dirty lawn or patio then you can use a pressure washer to clean your lawn quickly and easily.

Types of foam cannon

Basically, there are different types of foam cannon that are right now available in the market they are

Adjustable foam cannon – Adjustable foam cannon has the capability to spray foam in different patterns. As it is adjusted it has the capability to spray foam a stream pattern, single pattern, circular pattern, etc. Adjustable foam cannon will make your task easier for you to customize your spray pattern according to the part of a vehicle you want to rinse.

For example, a single or direct stream will allow you to focus on a targeted spot on the other hand the fan or the circular pattern will surely work best to give the whole vehicle complete rinsing.

Quick-release foam cannon – The quick-release foam cannon is much more popular in the market compared to the adjustable foam cannon. Quick-release foam cannon has the ¼ – inch male fitting which you can very easily attach to the power washer wand. It will make your foam cannon much more effective in rinsing and washing your vehicle.

Professional grade foam cannon –

A foam cannon that is labeled with a “professional grade” is a high-quality foam cannon that is made for heavy-duty materials like stainless steel. This particular material is made to withstand both wear and tear and it will increase both durability and sturdiness. The professional-grade foam cannon will surely produce thicker foam and it’s a little bit on the expensive side.

Foam Cannon bottles

Basically, you will find two types of foam cannon bottles one is an opaque bottle and the other one is a transparent bottle. When you will enjoy watching of a foam cannon work at that time you will forget using opaque body foam cannons. Opaque bottles will not allow you to watch the task but a transparent bottle will.

Foam Cannon with an interchangeable nozzle

Sometimes we have noticed that foam cannons has comes with interchangeable nozzle tips that will help you in discharging the spray from a different angle. Foam cannons that have come with an interchangeable angle are 15°, 25°, 40°, etc.

What is the reason for foam cannon not to foam?

There are a lot of reasons for foam cannon not foaming perfectly.

Car wash soap –

Most of the car wash soaps is designed to produce some suds and some other soap creates thicker types of foam. Some are engineered for use with a foam gun. So the types of soap that you are using can be the reason for how foamy your foam cannon will be?

Types of water –

If you use cold water to mix with your foam cannon then it will surely not produce enough foamy solution. That is the reason you must use boiled water to mix your foam cannon so that you can very easily produce thicker suds.

Pressure washer –

There are some times when it’s not all about using foam cannon. You must use perfect water pressure which will help you to judge the how efficient your foam will be. Electric pressure washers are quieter easier to navigate around, and it is smaller in size than the gas-powered pressure washers.

The gas-powered pressure washer will offer more PSI and GPM and it will deliver thicker foam. Some foam cannons can handle 2 GPM and 1000 – 3000 PSI, while others can’t. 

Best car soap for foam cannon

If you are using the wrong soap then using foam cannon will not do much good. That’s why using the right soap is really essential to make your foam cannon more foamy. If you want to give your car a new look then you must clean your car with a best car soap for foam cannon that has the ability to absorb both dust and dirt than other cleaning agents.

As long you are using it with the right soap and warm water Best car soap for foam cannon is really useful to wash your car.

If you are thinking to wash your car on a proper way then I think Best car wash for foam cannon will be the smarter way to wash your car perfectly.

If you are thinking about removing the car scratches, debris and dirt then you must know how to make snow foam car wash. Snow foam car wash will surely help you in cleaning all the dirt and debris from your car.


If you are still reading this article then I think you have understood that making your foam cannon more foamy is a very simple task. You have to maintain a few simple steps to make your foam cannon more foamy.

You have to keep faith on us and you must follow our every single step that we have mentioned above then you can very easily make your foam cannon much more foamy.

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