Did you clear coat your car’s headlights a year ago? If you answered yes, immediately remove the clear coat to keep your car headlights shiny. Now you can ask your Google search query, “How to remove clear coat from headlights,” and my answer is to scroll down and read cartoolsguide below given steps to do the task by yourself.

How to remove clear coat from headlights

Now I’ll show you how to remove previously applied clear coat from headlights in 15 easy steps. If you want to learn the process and do the task yourself, do not miss any of the single steps listed below.

The following items are required for removing the clear coat from headlights
Cleaning solution
320 grip sanding dust 
600 grip sanding dust
1500 grip sanding disc
3000 polishing disc
Deprave solution
Electric paper tile
UV rays protected clear coat

Step 1

Before removing the previously applied clear coat from your car headlights, you must mask around the headlights.

Step 2

Then apply sand to remove the previously applied clear coat.

Step 3

Then you must apply a cleaning solution to remove the dust and debris.

Step 4

After that start sanding by using 320 grip sanding dust using light pressure to remove the previous coating was scab if you will.

Step 5

Between sanding use rinse to assure all of the scabs has been removed.

Step 6

Continue the task of sanding with a 600 grip.

Step 7

Once again rinse to assure you have sanded evenly.

Step 8

Now continue the task of sanding with a 600 grip.

Step 9

Once again rinse in between steps.

Step 10

Continue sanding with a 1500 grip sanding disc.

Step 11

Once again rinse to assure you have sanded evenly.

Step 12

Now polish with a 3000 polishing disc to assure that clarity has came back to the lens.

Step 13

Rinse once again with a clean deprave solution before applying the UV protected coating.

Step 14

Now with the proper mixture of UV coating you must apply it with a electric paper tile.

Step 15

So you have removed the scalp from the lens and restored it to a relatively new condition.

Step 16

Now as the whole task of removing clear coat from headlight is done. You can remove the tape which you have applied around the car headlights to provide protection against any damage.


If you’re still reading, I believe you’ve figured out how to remove peeling clear coat from headlights. I believe you are now much more confident that you can complete the entire task of removing the clear coat on your own.

Still, if you have any confusion regarding any of the above mentioned steps, you can feel free to ask me through the below-provided comment section.

How frequent should you polish your car headlight after applying clear coat?

The frequency of polishing the car headlight depends on your usage if you keep your car on a direct sunlight and allows water and sunlight to fall into it then you need to do polishing after every month to get better visibility but if you keep your car under a shade then you can polish it after many months. So the task of polishing needs upon your usage. But in general you must do polishing of your car headlights after every 3-6 months.

How should you do proper maintenance of the clear coat of your car headlights?

To do proper maintenance of clear coat you have to keep attention on it. When you will not get proper visibility from your headlight at that time you should do polish of your car headlight.

How do you remove cloudiness from headlights?

At first you should mix the baking soda and vinegar in a small dish after that you should apply it in circular and side-to-side motions until and unless your headlight becomes completely clean.

How can I make my headlights crystal clear?

At first you must clean the headlight with a soap water. After that you should use a soft cloth rub a fingertip amount of toothpaste onto the wet headlight.

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