As you are searching by typing the word How to install led headlights Silverado in a search engine like google or Bing that means either your Silverado car headlights has become older compared to new generation LED headlight or your Silverado car headlights have damaged and you wants to install a new one by yourselves.

For both cases you have clicked onto right website to get proper information about How to install led headlights on Chevy Silverado because cartoolsguide have installed led headlights on Silverado car by applying various method and described the easiest method so that you can do the task by yourselves very easily.

How to install LED Headlights Silverado

Now we are going to describe how to install led headlights on your old version Silverado car. So scroll down to read our below given steps to simply install the new generation LED headlights on your Silverado car.

Things that you need for installing LED headlights on your Silverado car


New LED Headlights
How to install LED Headlights Silverado

In one side there are 2 LED headlights. One remains on the upper part and the other one remains on the bottom part.

Step 1

To remove the upper part LED headlights at first you have to remove the clip by sliding it then you should pops out the upper headlight.

Step 2

Next you will find a clip on the left side and by popping it out you can remove the clip.

Step 3

On the right side you will find a socket on the headlight bob which you have to push to remove the upper part of the headlights.

Step 4

Now for the bottom one you have to repeat the same task. At first there is a clip which you have to push to remove the headlight next you have to push and dab down the bob after that dab and twist the right side bob for removing the right side LED headlights. Lastly on the left side corner you will find another plug which you have to twist to remove the bottom headlight.

Step 5

Removing of 2 LED headlights is completed. Now its time to install the LED headlights. Starts with a upper LED headlight push the bobs back onto the new headlights housing after that tie the tapes in red and black color wire.

Step 6

Next clip the headlight bobs. While installing the upper part LED headlights you must make sure that you have spin backs in and lines up all the holes together so that you can put a hooks onto to the hole which you have opened at first for removing the headlights.

Step 7

For installing the bottom headlight you have to hook up 2 bobs on the bottom. Next you have to remove the 2 signal bobs which remains on the left side of the bottom headlight after that you have to plug in the black with a blue. To plug it in you have to push really hard. Once you have hook it up with bottom bobs now put rest of the wire inside the housing. Now there remains two wire from the top housing light which you have to make sure that you have put black on the blue and red on the grey.

If you find this process easier then without wasting your time start replacing your old LED headlights and if you still have any confusion regarding How to install led headlights on Chevy Silverado then click on the below given Youtube link and watch the whole process.


In this article we have described about how to install both upper and bottom LED headlights Silverado which I think will surely guide you to do the task by yourselves. So if you have a older version headlights in your Silverado car then install the new generation aftermarket headlights in your Silverado car with full of confident after reading this guide.

As headlights are the eyes of your Silverado car that’s why do not keep the lower version headlight or damaged headlight in your Silverado car. Read this guide about how to install LED headlights on your Chevy Silverado car and do the task of installation by yourselves with full of confidence.

If you still have any questions regarding the installation process of this particular Silverado car headlights then you can feel free to ask me through below given comment section.

Can you put LED bulbs in factory headlights?

Yes all the vehicles headlights are suitable to LED conversion. So if you want to get better visibility from your Silverado headlight then without having a second thought replace it with a new version of LED bulbs.

How much does it cost to upgrade headlights to LED?

The cost of upgrading headlights to LED depends upon your selection. If you select higher priced LED headlight then the cost will be on the higher side but if you select lower priced LED headlight then the price will be on the lower side. But in general the cost of upgrading the headlights to LED is $100 to $300 for a set.

How much time will it take to install LED headlight

To install new version LED headlights you have to spend 20 minutes. So take out 20 -30 minutes of time from your daily based busy schedule and replace the older version LED headlight with new version LED headlight.

How hard is it to install LED headlights?

If you read the proper installation guide then I think you do the task of installing LED headlights by yourselves without facing any difficulty.

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