how to install a winch on a trailer

If you know how to install a winch on a trailer then it will be really useful for offroad needs.

Most off-road car enthusiasts know how much useful winch is on a car trailer. You can use a winch on a wide variety of tasks whether you can use it for self-recovery when it’s stuck or you can use it for hauling or hosting equipment.

how to install a winch on a trailer

As you can disconnect the trailer from the primary vehicle. best winches give a different battery connection so that you can keep the winch of a car trailer going. Best quality winches do not have to depend on the battery of a car to get power for their operations.

Few winches are designed in such a way so that they can haul or hoist on the other hand some are used for dragging a car into a trailer.

Those who know how to install a winch on a trailer are really lucky when they are offroad. If you are thinking of installing a winch on a car trailer you might be thinking about how to install it on a trailer.

If you call a technician or a professional to install a winch on a trailer then they will charge a higher price to install it on your car or trailer.

If you know how to install a winch on a trailer then you can utilize most of the winches according to their capability. Installing a winch on a trailer can be a little bit technical. Though it can be technical if you read our guides then you can very easily install a winch on a trailer. As in this article, we are going to describe how to install a winch on a trailer. Installing a winch is not such an easy task so you must follow our few steps so that you can very easily install a winch on a trailer.

How to install a winch on a trailer

Here we are going to provide you the guide for which you are waiting for such a long period of time. You can have trust in this guide about your winch installation.

You should have the following items with you while installing the winch on a trailer that are

  • You must have a box that contains the winch items.
  • A drill.
  • A ratchet or an Allen wrench.
  • And the last one is a marker pen.

Buy a Winch

If you are not having the winch with you, then one thing that you must notice before having a winch that is the weight limit the winch can be fit in with before buying it. If possible then try to have a winch that has the capability more than the weight of your car.

Unbox the Winch

The winch should come in a hard carton box so that it has the capability to protect the winch from other elements and other sources from damage.

While unboxing the winch you must notice the cable of your winch, usually try to have red-colored and very strong cable. Other than cable or winch you can decide about the additional battery cost.

Trace the central point of a trailer

You must look for a place in the trailer that seems central, in between the two width edges. If it’s possible then locate mark a point at the front of your trailer which will be really perfect for the winch to get the best performance from it.

You must use a tape measure to get accurate measurements for your winch point.

With it you will surely get a metal sheet whose outline is really the same as the bottom of the winch in the winch box. As it’s lightweight and easy to handle keep it at the location where you have marked as the central.

Same as the winch this metal sheet will have a-holes at strategic points which will represent the points of winch installation. If you use a conspicuous marker pen, then you can surely mark the holes as they correspond to the trailer.

Drill holes on its sitting position

Now you can drill the respective holes onto the trailer, which is really a closer step towards installations.

Mount the winch

Lastly, you can lift the winch onto the trailer and into the position you recognize and marked for it. You must notify the bolts that come with a winch. Now it is the time to engage them into the work

So you must get off the trailer and under it. Another thing which you should keep in your mind that is you must take the bolts and washers with you. You must look for a drill’s protrusions through the holes. Begin with a washer and at the end, you can insert the bolts after them.

Drill the cable hole (Its optional)

If you are thinking to use the car battery or the trailer battery then you must drill an extra hole into the trailer. Here you can easily pass the cable and onto the external battery.

It is not essential if you are willing to use the battery that has comes with your winch.

How to mount a winch on a trailer

How to mount a winch on a trailer

Now we are going to explain to you the steps that you must follow before mounting a winch on a trailer

At first select the right Winch

Before you install a winch you make sure that you have selected the right specification winch. It must have the rated capacity which is really needed for use.

If you select the wrong winch then it can create a problem during the time of installation. If you select a wrong winch then it may not be compatible with your vehicle’s model. They may not be able to resist the weight that you are thinking to pull or use. You should buy a winch that is designed and compatible with your vehicle’s model.

Select the placement

You must use a tape measure so that you can find the center of the front of your trailer. You must select a spot that’s as close as to the front of a trailer as much as possible. You must give a mark to the place as it is going to be your guideline later on.

Mark by using the mounting Plate

tHe winch that you buy from the market should have a mounting plate bought with it. If you do not brought a mounting plate that is basically used to resist the winch’s weighted capacity. You must be sure that a mounting plate should be placed where you can perfectly fit the winch.

Drill holes – You must start drilling holes to the location that you have marked previously. Before drilling the holes you must make sure that the drill holes line up with the particular holes that are in the mounting plate.

Attach the mounting Plate –

You must attach the mounting plate to the trailer after that screw them pretty tightly with the bolts by using ratchets. Now you must put the bolts to the holes that you have drilled previously.

Drill another hole –

You must drill another hole so that you can put or insert another wire into it. The wires will help you in connecting the winch to the trailer’s battery.

Mount the Winch

You must mont the winch into the winch mount and secure them tightly with the bolts just by using the ratchet.

Wiring the winch

You must connect a positive wire to the positive post and a negative wire to the negative post.


If you have successfully installed the winch on a trailer then use it now. I think if you learn the process of installation by reading our article then you can share your thoughts about your learning process and if you have any problem with its installation then you can feel free to ask me through the below comments sections. Those who are off-road person they can have car dollies as it will help in the middle of the road incase of puncture in tires.

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