how to use tow truck dollies

How to Load a Tow Dolly

I think everyone has noticed different types of towing methods on the local streets and on the national highway. There are trailers that will surely keep all four wheels off the ground, Car dollies will help you to lift both the front wheels of your car from the ground. If you know how to use tow truck dollies then it will be better for a car driver in the middle of the road. As we all know punctures and tires burst are common problems in a truck or car. So at that time if you know how to use truck dollies then it will be really helpful for you to perform the task in a better way.

If you use a flatbed trailer then it will help you to keep all four wheels off from the ground which is really a very easy solution. With this particular technique, you do not have to worry about transmission damages.

The knowledge of how to use a tow truck will be beneficial for you in many ways. For example, you have brought a heavy heated water hose for RV and you want to move around throughout the country to provide service at that time using of tow truck dollies will be really beneficial.

If you love to go for a long drive then these truck dollies will be really useful as it gives every single car driver a little bit of rest which I think every car driver wants in a long journey.

What is the work of a Tow Dolly?

A tow dolly will help you to elevate the front wheel of a vehicle which surely makes it useful in various situations. It will be the best choice for the job in different types of situations. Whether it is the best choice for your job or not depends on the situation.

How to use Tow Truck Dollies 2021

How to use Tow Truck Dollies

Now we are going to describe for which you have been waiting for such a long period that is How to use tow truck dollies

These tow truck dollies are generally installed in the same way as the Hitch installed. You must verify that your hitch and the towing vehicle meet the weight ratings that are necessary after that check out every single component of your vehicle. And above all, you must read the manual guides that offer by the company itself.

The first thing that you must use while using tow dollies is to just make sure the hitch ball is kept at the correct height. After that, you must securely place the coupler and then you must connect the safety chains between the two dollies and the hitch by crisscrossing them beneath the tongue. If you are having tow dolly brakes and lights then you must connect them right now.

Before using the tow truck dollies you must double-check the weights whether it’s ok or not after that you must find a spot on the level ground so that you can load the vehicle on a tow dolly. Before driving you must check whether your vehicle is in a centered position or not and you must make sure everything clears the ramps without getting damaged or not.

After installing it you must drive the tow truck slowly up to the ramps after that you must return the ramp to its perfect position. After that, you should press the parking brake and lock the steering wheel to a centered position. If your steering wheel does not lock automatically then you must manually lock it.

Next, you must make sure the size of your tire straps and keep them snuggly around the tires. You must carefully position it. So there will be no twist in the material or you should contact with a fraying metal. If you wants then you can install lights on the towed vehicles which will help other car driver as by watching the light they will realize the size of a vehicle and it will help in reducing the road accodent. Lastly you must release the parking brake take out the key after that close the door of your vehicle and finally you are ready to go.

Advantage of Using a Tow Dollies

Do you wants to tow your vehicle or van or wants to pull your passenger car just behind your recreation vehicle. If your answer to all these question is yes then tow dollies will be the best option for you.

This tow dillies offer a various feature which will surely help get all your towing expectations. For example you will find tow dollies with some better hydraulics on the other hand you will find some tow dollied that offers better LED lights which will provide safeguard to the other car driver in terms of recognizing the size of your vehicle.

You will find some model available with adjustable ratchet straps with tension rings and there are some model that are only made for towing sedan models and other compact cars. All these tow dollies has the capability to carry maximum weight up to 4900 kg. 

So I think those who wants to go for a long tour or faced some probelm in their car at the middle of their journey for them tow dollies will be really beneficial.


You must noticed several things before loading a car safely on a tow dolly. The first thing that you must notice is the capacity of towing.

You must know How to Load a Tow Dolly by reading the books that will be offered by a particular brand tow dollies you are selecting. So you must read all the precaution about How to Load a Tow Dolly with full of concentration. If you do not know How to Load a Tow Dolly after reading the books also then you can read our guide or you can search in youtube about How to Load a Tow Dolly from there you will get many reference video and from there I think you can very easily learn how to use tow truck dollies. Else you can perform the task by calling professional persons.

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