How to Load a Tow Dolly

Do you recently face a vehicle breakdown related problem in the middle of the road? If your answer is yes then read this article to know how to use tow truck dollies by yourselves because if you know how to use tow truck dollies then by elevating the front wheel of your vehicle you can take your vehicle from one place to another very easily.

So if your car has got damaged in the middle of the road and you wants to repair it in a garage by without taking anyone’s help then scroll down and follow our below given steps to know how to attach tow truck dollies and how to unload tow truck dollies.

How to use Tow Truck Dollies

In the process of using the dollies there are two different parts one is attaching the dollies with your car tire and the other one is unloading the dollies from your car tires. At first we are are going to starts with a how to attach a tow truck dollies after that we will discuss about how to unload a tow truck dollies.

So if you want to learn both this process of using tow truck dollies then you must scroll down and read our below given step with full of concentration.

How to attach tow truck dollies

Step 1

At first take the dollies towards the front tires of your vehicle then release both the cam locks of the dollies. Then slide the dolly bar forward after that place axle in the axle cradle location. Now its fit from the tire side.

Step 2

You must make sure that the dollies remain parallel with the vehicles tire so that it does not get unerupted.

Step 3

After that engage the cam lock pins. Now when you put the brake over bar the dollies will come around. Next you can engage the cam lock of the dolly. The engaging of the cam lock can be noticed visually by you. Not only you are going to notice the engaging of cam lock pin visually but also you can hear the sound of the clip.

How to unload tow truck dollies

Step 1

To unload the tow truck dollies the first thing that you have to do is disengaging the cam lock which you have engaged while attaching the dollies with your car tire after that you have to put the brake bar from the bottom and you must use both of your hand to low down your vehicle.

Step 2

In order for this the tire to kick out of here the V vehicle have to go up first which makes a safer sign.

What gear should your car be in on a tow dolly?

If your car is manual then you must use first gear while your car remains on a tow dolly.

How fast can you drive with a tow dolly?

While your car tire remains on a dolly at that time it will be best for you to drive at a speed with which you are comfortable with. But your speed should not cross 55 miles per hour when you drive at a highway.

Do tow dollies damage cars?

When you are towing a car by using a dolly at that time the rear wheels of the car remains ground and they have to carry more weights on them as the front wheel remains in a lifted position. Sometime there remains an additional risk of wear and tear. If you car height is low to the ground or  long in the front then there remains a chance of clearance issue.

How much weight can one person move with a dolly?

Some dollies and hand truck has the capability to move a few hundred pounds, while others can move thousands of pounds. Maximum dollies and hand trucks that you can have on tent or table can handle at least 600 lbs, though some can handle as much as 1,000 lbs or more.

What is the best car to tow on a tow dolly?

The best car to tow on a tow dolly depends on the needs of your journey, there are few cars that are always generally more compatible with your tow dolly compared to other tow dolly. The most common car that are towed behind a dolly include: Toyota Prius. Honda Civics.

How to use Tow Truck Dollies


If you are still reading this article then I think you have understood how to use tow truck dollies. Above we have explained both How to attach and how to unload tow truck dollies so that you can do both the task by yourselves without taking anyone’s help.

So if this article has helped you in learning how to use tow truck dollies then do not forget to share this article with your friend and relatives who have a vehicle in their home.

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