How to Fix Cracked Dashboard

Are you thinking about how to fix cracked dashboard? If your answer is yes then read this guide carefully

If you are having a car then you will how much unpleasant it is to hear the harsh sound from a cracked dashboard. When you will drive your car on a bumpy road and when you will take a quick turn at that time you will hear this abusive noise much more. If the dashboard of your car is cracked then both moisture and dust will quickly accumulate in a dashboard. So if you know how to fix a cracked dashboard then I am sure that you can avoid all these sorts of problems very easily.

We all know that most of the harm on our car dashboard happens due to direct sunlight whose rays are magnified by the glass. When you are keeping your car air conditioner and heater in Starting mode that time you are exposing your car dashboard to those changing temperatures. Generally at that vinyl cracks starts to begin.

If you notice the crack happens in your dashboard then you can take your car to a garage or if you are an automotive expert then you can do the task by yourself just by reading our guide about How to fix cracked dashboard.

If you read this article with full of concentration then it will show you How to repair cracked dashboard without wasting your valuable time and money.

How to Fix Cracked Dashboard?

How to Fix Cracked Dashboard

Now we are going to explain in this guide How to fix cracked dashboard. If you notice this guide step by step then I am sure that you do not have to take your car to a garage to fix a cracked dashboard. Most of the car enthusiasts know that it is very expensive to maintain a cracked dashboard but you will feel a lot happier that you can repair the cracked dashboard without expending not more than $50.

The thing that you need to fix cracked dashboards that are

  • Sandpaper
  • Epoxy Adhesive
  • Coatings and plastic primers are referred by the maximum manufacturers.
  • Epoxy glue is a great choice for sealing holes, repairing cracks, and helps in finishing surface defects on metal, wood, and plastics.

Steps to fix cracked dashboard

First Step

At first, you must sand the area properly where you are going to use the glue for your cracked dashboard. You must sand the surface with 280 grit sandpaper. By doing this task you can make a rough surface so that you can fix glue on it.

Second Step

After sanding the surface properly, clean the dust properly, and then you should make sure whether the area where you are going to fix the glue is clean or not.

Third Step

So arrange the surface of your cracked dashboard properly where you are going to use the glue. If the epoxy adhesive that you have selected is not prepared then you must follow these steps so that you can mix the ingredients properly to make your epoxy work.

Basically, you will find two different color ingredients. The first one is epoxy glue and the second one is Amino glue Use a binder to mix the two things properly unless they will be uniform in color.

Fourth Step

Now you should spread the mixed epoxy adhesive equally onto the outer surface of a cracked area with the help of a binder. You are going to get 5-15 minutes’ time to use the glue or Epoxy glue before it dries.

Fifth Step

Now give 24 hours to your epoxy glue, after that reapply the glue on the inside of your cracked dashboard. Now you must wait for 24 hours to set the glue properly.

Sixth Step

After setting the glue completely you can rub the glue lightly with sandpaper to give it smoothness.

You must clean both dust particles and debris from your cracked dashboard after that apply the coatings and plastic primers that are referred by most of the manufacturers.

Now the whole process is complete. You have repaired your cracked dashboard without having any trouble. Now I think you are feeling much more confident about the task which you can do it by yourself. Right now you are thinking that you do not need to take your car to a garage just for this simple task.

Best Glue for Cracked Dashboard 2021

Best Glue for Cracked Dashboard

I think after hearing these easy steps you are eager to apply the best Glue for cracked dashboard. My question is for how long time you are going to hear the harsh noise of a cracked dashboard? As you can repair the cracked dashboard just by following few simple steps and you can perform the whole task by expending not more than $50.

For how much time you are going to tolerate the harsh noise while you are driving your car on a bumpy road? It is useless to tolerate the harsh noise of your cracked dashboard just have the Best glue for cracked dashboard from the market and repair it very easily just following our helpful guides properly.

If your car dashboard is cracked then it will absorb dust particles very easily. A cracked dashboard will surely give you an uneven look to your car for which your friends and relative whoever will take a ride will have bad impression on your car. As its not only a matter about giving a cleanly and a shiny look to the outer body of your car by using car wash soap but also you should maintain your car interior well by using Best glue for the cracked dashboard which is not so much expensive.


I think after reading this guide every car enthusiast is thinking that why they are keeping their car dashboard cracked for such a long time. As it can be fixed just by following few simple steps. So hearing of harsh noise days is gone now use glue on your cracked dashboard and forget about hearing the harsh noise while you are driving your car, especially through a bumpy road.

After reading this guide if you feel that it’s really helpful for you then you must share this guide with your friends who are feelp from a cracked dashboard problem

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