Do you become frustrated after hearing the noise of cracked dashboard when the car is driven on a gravel road or a bumpy road? If your answer is yes then the easiest way to get rid of your frustration is by having a new dashboard. But we all know how costly it is to have a new dashboard. That’s why most car enthusiasts want to restore the cracked dashboard in their home by applying glue or adhesive for cracked dashboards.

 As you are reading this article, I think you do not know the homely method of fixing a cracked dashboard. If my assumption is right, then read this article where cartoolsguide is going to describe How to fix cracked dashboard in a step by step way.

How to Fix Cracked Dashboard

Now we are going to explain how to fix cracked dashboard on your old or new cars. So if you want to repair or restore the cracks of your car dashboard by yourselves then follow our below given steps one by one.

Things that you need to have for fixing the cracked dashboard
80 or 180 grit of sandpaper
Moldable Glue
Little bit of paint
Lacquer Thinner

To repair the cracks of your car dashboard the first thing that is needed is glue and its available in various color that are Grey, Black etc. From all those colors you must have a glue matching with the color of your car dashboard. If your car dashboard color is black then have a black color glue and if your car dashboard color is grey then have a grey color car dashboard.

You can watch from the given picture that my dashboard color is black that’s why I am using a black color car dashboard to repair the cracks of my car dashboard.

You must remember one important point that is you should not open the glue packet few hours or a day before because it remains well for up to 30 minutes.

How to Fix Cracked Dashboard


So without taking any car enthusiasts suggestion you have repair the cracked dashboard of your car by yourselves and its possible just because of search engine like Google or bing where you have search by typing your query that is How to repair cracked dashboard and google has provide you many websites and from there you have open cartoolsguide which I think has given you all the information about how to repair cracked dashboard.

If you find our article helpful for repairing the cracked dashboard of your car then do not forget to share this article with your friends who have the same problem.

What causes a crack in the dashboard?

The main reason for cracked dashboard is the ultra violet rays. Ultra violet rays of the sun is harmful to plastic, chemical and PVC components.

How much does it cost to repair dashboard?

If you repair the dashboard by yourselves then you can complete the task of repairing dashboard within $100. For repairing cracked dashboard you have to buy glue which costs $10-$25 and other accessory is $25-$50 which means the whole cost will be under $100.

Do car dashboards still crack?

It may not happen with new car but older car dashboard still cracks. It is really annoying to sit inside the car that’s dashboard has been cracked.

Can you fix a cracked plastic dash?

Yes plastic dash can be fixed. To repair the cracks in your plastic car dash, you could either bond them together or patch them up by applying glue on the cracked portion of the dashboard. 

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