How to Apply Brake Grease

When driving your vehicle or car you may hear some harsh sounds which will surely come from its brake pads. If you do not want to hear the harsh sound then you must know How to apply Brake Grease as it will help you to bring smoothness to your car brake.

The purpose of using grease is to provide lubrication to your brake pads or in a piece of machinery. If you are a car enthusiast you must take care about your car brake pads. Brakes are really very important component that really needs both proper care and observations. If you do not know how to grease brake pads then read this guide carefully.

Brakes are a really important accessory for your vehicle as it will help you to slow down your car or stopping your car just by using the brake pedals.

If you want to use grease as a lubricant on the brake pads then you have to be careful. You must apply it with a thin layer of grease on some particular parts of your car brake pads.

If you are careless regarding your vehicle’s brake which can be proved as harmful. If you do not apply brake grease at a proper time then it will be the reason for your brake failure. The first thing about which you must be concerned is while taking care about the brakes is to make sure that they will work both efficiently and properly.

While applying grease for brakes you must lubricate it and make sure that you are applying the grease to an exact part of your vehicle’s brake. If you apply grease, not in a proper part of your vehicle’s brake then it can be the result of a problem to your car brake pads.

How to apply Brake Grease 2021

How to Apply Brake Grease

Now we are going to discuss about the most important aspect for which you are waiting for such a long period of time. You must know how to apply brake grease on your car brake otherwise it will be a misuse of grease. We are going to describe in a step by step process

Before applying the grease on your brake pads you must clean the brake in a pretty well manner before you apply the grease on brakes.

The next task which you must do before applying the grease is to remove any kinds of rust that are present on any parts of the brake where you want to apply grease. You can clear the rust just by using a die grinder. You should keep on grinding until the bare metals get viable to you.

The last task after cleaning away the rust is you must spray the total brake mechanism well with a brake cleaner by exactly keeping a pan or bucket just below your car brake. By this process, you can keep away the dust from your car brake. It is really a very important step if you are working on old-style asbestos brakes.

Why Should you use Grease on Brake Pads?

You must know that applying grease on your brake pads will not affect the performance of your vehicle. If you apply grease then it will reduce the unwanted sounds of your brake.

If you wants reduce the irritating sound then you must use the grease on your vehicles brake. Your car will make unusual sound when the metals will contact with each other. After applying grease on your brake pads you will notice the metals of your brake will help you to move smoothly. So if you apply grease on your brakes then metals will not make screeching sound anymore.

Few peoples think that using the grease on a brake pads will decrease metal wearings. If you apply brake lubricants on a proper way then it will help you to increase the durability of your brake.

So those who wants durability from the car brakes and do not wants to hear the harsh sound from their car brake they must use grease on brakes.

After How much time you should use Grease on brake Pads

If you use grease on brake pads in proper time then it will surely not affect in the overall performance of your car brake pads. The condition of your brake depends on the car driver that how often your driver uses the grease on your car brake pad.

If you can tolerate the harsh sound of your brake then it’s not necessary to use brake pads. There is no proper time to use grease on your car brake pads. When you will hear harsh sound and you will notice the car brake is not working smoothly at that time you must use grease on brake pads to get better result from it.

How To Grease Brake Pads

Now we are going to discuss on following steps that how to grease brake pads

First Step

If you have used your car right now then wait for few minutes allow it to cool down. Because you can not work if your car brake pads and rotors are too hot.

Second step

You should use a lug wrench to loose the lug wrench. You should not loose all the tires and nuts of the car instantly. At first you must work on a front wheel after that you should work on a back wheel. In this way you can keep the track of all your work.

Thirs step

How to grease brake pads

You must take the jack and use it to raise the front of your car. After that you must use a jack stand so that you can secure it to a height with which you are comfortable to work.

Fourth step

After rising the car with a jack you must loose the lug nuts. After that take out the wheel from a car. Then you can clean it if you need.

Fifth Step

You will find caliper that is secured with a bolts inside the stub axle housing. In this particular place the tire will fits on to the axle.

Sixth Step

After locating the caliper you must loosen and remove the lower caliper bolt and then loosen the upper bolt. You can use ratchet and socket to remove the caliper bolts.

Seventh Step

You must remove the brake pads from a caliper. You must make sure that you should not damage the calipers or the brake ling during the time of removing brake pads.

Eight Step

Now you must apply a thin layer of grease onto the backside of the brake pads. You can use your finger to apply grease on your car brake. You should not use low quality grease on your car brake. Use a grease that is suitable for your car brake.

Ninth Step

After covering the total backside of your brake pads for subaru forester. You can use grease on the sides of your pads. But you should be careful while using grease. Do not use the grease on a friction surface of the brake pad because these parts helps to slow down or stopping your car. If you use grease on friction surface then brake will stop working.

Tenth Step

When you have completed applying grease, you must attach the brake pads back with the caliper.

Eleventh Step

You must tighten the caliper bolts safely and you must check for the second time whether its protected or not.

Twelvth Step

Now the take the wheels and put it back on the car again. Use the hands to tight lug nuts.

So you must use follow every single steps so that you can remove the brake pads from your car brake wheel and use grease to lubriate the brake pads.

At the end you must start your car and test whether everything has been done correctly or not.


I think when you will apply grease for he next time to your vehicle’s brake you should be able to apply it properly. If you know How to apply brake grease after reading this guide then you must share this article with your freinds.

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