How to Compress Brake Caliper

It would be great if every single car enthusiast knew how to compress brake caliper to fix their car brake pads by themselves when the time will come to change them.

How to Compress Brake Caliper

If you are reading this article then you will surely know How to compress brake caliper as in this whole article we are going to describe all about How to compress brake caliper. While reading this article there is a possibility that you may have an issue with the compression of the brake caliper.

I think most of the people will describe the brake should be handed to a professional person. But if you are a car enthusiast then it’s really important to know how to compress the brake caliper. To keep your car brake pad smooth and noiseless you must use grease for brakes which is really essential.

Now we are going to discuss about Car Braking System

Before describing details about How to compress brake caliper we are going to discuss about the car braking system. As a car is a moving vehicle it could smash into anything while moving on the road without a brake.

To bring the braking system in your vehicle different components are made togetherly. Each and every single braking part plays an important role to stop your car.

All these braking parts work togetherly so that we can drive our car on the road very safely. Just with a simple push with our foot in the brake pedals, we can slow down the car or we can stop our car.

In total there are eleven important brake components in modern days cars. Each and every single braking component has different purposes that are

Brake pedals

The brake pedal extension of the brake system will surely allow the car driver or the operator to control the total braking system. It is usually positioned where it can be accessible by foot. You can operate this brake pedal by simply by simply pushing the pedal when you wants.

Master brake Cylinder

The master cylinder will push hydraulics through the brake lines after the pedals will be stopped on.

The harder you are going to push on the pedal the stronger effect you will get as more amount of fluid is surely forced through the tube to cause other components into act and it will bring your car under a control.

In most modern cars the brake cylinders are divided into twos or fours to provide safety to your car.

Disc Brake

The disc brake will rotate jointly with the wheel as the car moves. The purpose of a disc brake is to give a brake pad and a caliper gripping surface which will surely create friction between the brake pads and the disc.

Drum Brake

The drum brake will work similarly just as the disc brake works. Drum brake has the same purpose. A car can either have a disc brake system or a drum brake system.

Most of the rear wheel comes with a drum in an integrated system on the other hand the front wheel has comes with a disc brake system. The drum brake will rotate as the wheel of your car rotates.

Just like the brake pads, brake shoes will help you to stop the car from the wheels when they are in a motion, to stop your car you must push the brake pedal with your foot.

Brake Pad

Brake pads are basically used for the disc system, and the purpose of using a brake pad in your car vehicle is to firmly hold the rotating discs just when acted upon. If you are having a Chevy Tahoe car in your home the Brake pads for chevy Tahoe will be really useful to drive your car safely on the road.

Brake Calipers

Brake calipers will do their task by taking the clamping force which will surely push the brake pad into the discs.

Brake Shoe

The brake shoe is a similar component as the brake pad. The purpose of the brake shoe is to force motion to seize from the drum. If you are a mountain rider and want to ride with full of control then Best V brakes will be the perfect choice for you.

Brake Booster

The brake booster is a simple part of your brake system whose intention is to increase the brake pressure just with the help of a vacuum after the brake is stepped on. This brake booster is also known as a vacuum servo.

Brake Lines

Brake lines will basically provide the vessels through which the hydraulic fluid can be squeezed as they will travel from the liquid tanks to the wheels, through which they will create action on the other parts of your car.

Wheel Speed Sensor

Not every single car has come with a speed sensor. But if you notice at the modern car then you will notice that most of the modern car’s have a speed sensor. This particular speed sensor is a pretty sensitive device that will give the data of your vehicle’s speed to the computer.

ABS Module

The full form of ABS is Anti-lock braking system. The ABS module is a computer that is going to receive data from its speed sensor. Best most of the vehicles do not have an ABS braking system there are only a few cars that have an ABS braking system a few cars are modern car’s.

How does the Brake Caliper Piston will work?

How to release brake caliper pressure

The brake caliper piston is a really important part of your car braking system. If you are having a Jeep wrangler in your house then Big brake kit for Jeep Wranger will allow you to safely drive your jeep on the American road.

When a driver will keep his foot on the brake pedal, then it will forces hydraulic by removing the master cylinder through the brake lines. After that pressure will rise in the bar which will push against the piston of the caliper.

After that forces the brake caliper will move the brake pad between the discs which will be the reason to slow its motion just with the help of friction.

Reason for brake caliper piston does not compress

A brake caliper may not be compressed due to some reasons, and some of the most commonly found issues or reasons that may not be compressed are


When vehicles are made to keep it motionless for a long period of time rust as the hydraulic substances will develop very quickly on the caliper and this will cause not only due to its compression.

Deformed Piston

Due to the constant use of brakes, the piston seals will be gradually deformed. It will go on until the piston is going to fail to perfectly fit the seal which will be the reason for the piston to get stuck.

This is the reason for partial compression and it will be the reason for the brake caliper not to compress.

How to compress Brake Caliper

Now we are going to explain for which you are eagerly waiting that is how to compress brake caliper easily.

  • Before noticing how to brake, you can surely compress calipers and it is really essential to understand why should we compress the brake caliper in the first place.
  • Regrettably, while the wear of the brake pad is really happening, It will surely leave the brake caliper hanging out with its piston which will cause brake pads to close in on the disc by a few inches.
  • It will start to go on if they are not replaced until or unless they will start touching the discs. If you are going to prevent the newer brake pads of your car then you must place it into damaged ones.
  • Replacing the old brake pads can be a technical task and it will need some compression force to put the caliper back into its previous position after replacing the older brake pad.
  • The compression is done by slowly pushing the piston to the caliper back into the housing. Before doing compression it is really necessary to judge the best compression method and tools that will surely cause minor damages.
  • The task of compression of a brake caliper can be done in various ways. It can be compressed by using a C clamp channel locks, and caliper piston compression tools.

But there are few things which you must do before you start the task of compression

  • Keep your bleeder valve open.
  • You must place a source pan beneath so that you can collect the fluid.

How to compress brake caliper with C Clamp

Now we are going to tell you the method how to compress brake caliper

  • You must place the c clamp at a fixed position over the caliper and it will make the end push against the piston. You must place the C clamp over the brake caliper.
  • You must turn the screw pretty gently – Wind down the screw on the clamp after that make it closer to clapping on the brake pads and on the caliper.
  • The clamp jaws will create a hole into the brake pad and you must avoid everything so that you can put a wood block in between after that strongly tighten the clamp.
  • You must keep on tightening the clamp until and unless the piston will be adjusted perfectly for the brand new brake pad to install it perfectly.

How to compress brake caliper by using the channel lock

Now we are going to mention to you that how to compress the brake caliper by using the channel lock

You must take the brake caliper off and get the caliper gripped strongly and pull out the bolt.

Positioned the brake pad just next to your piston, rather I will say you to keep the brake pad just in front of the piston. So that you can fit it very well and you can adjust the channel, then place a channel lock to a perfect position.

After that compress the channel lock and compress the piston back in. Now by taking time and quitely squeeze the piston by hardly compressing on the channel lock unless the piston is successfully installed inward.

What are the Benefits of Knowing How to Release Brake Caliper Pressure?

We all know that maintenance can be a little bit pricey and it should be done on a regular basis. Brake pads and their wear product that you should have as the cost of brake pads is not similar to the cost of a-arms and legs just you have to expense on its labor rates.

If you know how to release the brake caliper then it will surely make your task easier for doing the brake jobs by yourselves which will surely save you all-important time and you do not have to pay the price to the labor.

It is not only a matter of saving money if you do the task by yourself then you will be much more confident about your car as you have done it by yourself. If you have a Subaru forester car in your house and if you change the brake pads for Subaru forester by yourself then you will feel confident that you have replace the brake pads correctly.

My final thoughts about How to Compress Brake Caliper

Compressing brake caliper is not a very easy task anyone with basic knowledge and tools can do the task pretty easily.

You just have to keep little bit patience and cautious while you are performing the tasks. if you can keep your patience the I am confident that you can very easily complete the job done. But if you want to compress the brake caliper then you have to be courageous and you have to take the total task as a bit of challenge then only you can perform the task.

If you are having a Chevy Tahoe car in your home and want to know How to change brake pads on chevy Tahoe then you can read this article from our website as we have done lot’s of research before writing this article.

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