How to use essential oil car diffuser

best car essential oil diffuser

If you want to boost up your energy during the time of a long ride or want to get aeromatherapic sessions in your car then you should not know How to use essential oil car diffuser. Best car essential oil diffuser will not only give you a good fragrance to your car but also oil diffuser will help you in giving a fresh mind and if you have a fresh mind while driving your car then there is a lower chance of causing the car accident.

Now you may have a different question in your mind that is what is the best car essential oil diffuser? How should you use car essential oil diffuser? Before going for the next long drive you must learn How to use essential oil car diffuser in a perfect way.

As driving needs concentration it’s essential to have a good smell inside your car. That’s why those who want to have a good fragrance in their car must have an essential oil car diffuser in their car. But if you do not know How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser then it will be a total waste of money for you.

How to use essential oil car diffuser 2021

How to use essential oil car diffuser

How to use an essential oil car diffuser really depends on the car diffuser that you selected for use. There are some quality essential diffusers right now available but before selecting a car diffuser you must learn how to use it by reading our guides carefully

Basically, you will find three different types of essential oil car diffusers that are vent clip diffuser, Plug in diffuser, and Rechargeable car diffuser and we are going to describe the use of all essential oil car diffuser

How to use Vent Clip Diffuser?

A vent clip diffuser is a passive type diffuser. This passive type of diffuser will give you the freedom to enjoy the smell of a perfume of your favorite oil without thinking about the water level or a power source.

Vent clip car oil diffuser is a pretty popular diffuser as they are not so much expensive and you can very easily diffuse it in your car. You can clip the oil diffuser on your car’s air vents. While you keep your car heater ON or air conditioner ON the good smell will start spreading in the whole car without.

There are two types of clip diffuser one has felt pads that soak the oil and the other one has a refillable reservoir. The felt pad clip diffuser should be replaced after using it for a few periods of time.

How to use Plug-In Diffuser?

The next popular one is Plug-In Diffuser. Now we are going to explain how to use a plug-in diffuser? You can plug this type of diffuser into the Power Point or USB port of a car. Some of these diffusers have a small size 50 ml tank at which you can add some essential oils.

This type of car oil diffuser is known as an ultrasonic diffuser. The advantage that you will get using this diffuser is you can double up as it has a small 50 ml size tank other small-sized diffusers use only a small amount of water.

Those who spend most of the time in a car they should use this type of car essential oil diffuser as it has an extra 50 ml tank on which you can add some extra bit of essential which will keep a perfect environment for a long period of time.

How to use a Rechargeable Car Diffuser?

The design and function of a rechargeable diffuser is pretty much the same as the plugin diffuser. The only difference is on a rechargeable diffuser you do not have to plug in the diffuser all the time to run it. Once the charging is complete you can keep it anywhere you want and enjoy the good fragrance in your car.

It is a portable car diffuser that’s why you can take it anywhere you want. You may face problems with its battery otherwise it’s a great option for you.

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

How To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser

Now we are going to explain How to use an essential oil diffuser in a step-by-step process for which you are waiting for such a long period of time. Before using the essential oil diffuser you must add some essentials to it.

Select a place for diffusing

At first, you should select an open area in your room or office with a solid level of surface or tabletop. You should have plug point in your room if you have a plug-in diffuser. After plugging the essential oil diffuser in your room or car you are going to have a comfortable sleep as your room will be filled up with a good fragrance.

To get the best result from your essential oil diffuser you should not keep it in direct sunlight or near a fan.

Add Some water to your essential oil diffuser

Once you have found a place you should fill your diffuser water tank to a fill line of a water reservoir with clean water.

Maximum car essential diffuser has a water level line on the inside of a water reservoir or a measuring cup to fill up after that you can add the essential oil to a reservoir.

Add some Aromatherapy Oil

Add 3-10 drops of essential oil to the water. You should use a single essential oil like lavender or an essential oil blend. If you want to use a normal level of scent then you should use 6 drops of oil but if you want a stronger scent then you have to add more drops of oil.

Now Keep your Car essential oil ON

If your car essential oil has nightlight or a color-changing LED light options then keep your car essential oil ON and enjoy the good fragrance.

How to use essential oils for aromatherapy

Now we are going to explain How to use essential oils for Aromatherapy in a step by step process

At first, you should ask yourself how long you are going to diffuse the essential oil? While using essential oil for aromatherapy you must follow the instruction that is given from the diffuser that as the size of a diffuser will really vary.

To get the best result from your essential oil you must follow the ratio of 3 to 5 drops of essential oil to 100 millimeters of water.

If you use the essential oil in this way then you will get the best result from your essential oil for Aromatherapy.

How to use essential oils to scent a room

Now I am going to describe How to use essential oil to scent a room which is really necessary

At first, you should take some boiled water and add 10 drops of essential oil to it. You can also scatter fresh and dried flower petals or potpourri. Just within a few periods of time, the compound will start spreading by allowing the oil to work like a magic.

Homemade essential oil to scent a room

This particular method is the same as an air freshener that we spray to get rid of a foul odor or to get a refreshing smell to a room. In your spray bottle, you must add one cup of distilled water after that add 10-20 drops of essential oil to it. If the strength of your oil is not so much then you must add more drop-based. Before using the oil you must shake it.

As we all know that oil and water do not mix with each other thas why add 3 tablespoons of alcohol to the mixture after that shake it in a pretty well manner.

Now you can keep on your homemade essential ON oil to get a good fragrance.


In this article or guide, we have described How to use an essential oil car diffuser which will surely help you to add a good level of fragrance to your car which is really healthy both for passenger and for a driver. If you have good smell in your car then both passenger and driver will enjoy the whole journey.

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