Do you want to get rid out of the driving stress? If your answer is yes then installing crossover in your car will be the right choice because crossover helps to improve the sound quality even on a low quality speaker.

A crossover produces great sound when its frequency is set correctly. So my question is do you know how to set crossover frequency? If you do not know then you do not have to feel ashamed because in this article cartoolsguide will show you how to set crossover frequency for car audio system along with some helpful information that are

How to set crossover frequency for speakers

What is frequency?

In Physics frequency is defined as the number of oscillations of a periodic wave that passes through a fixed point in unit time in periodic motion.

Formula of frequency – f=1/T , where T is the period of the sound wave.

What is a crossover frequency?

In a easiest word crossover is a frequency at which sound shift from one audio source to a various speaker. Here speaker is a passive agent and the crossover is a active agent because the sound is transferred by the crossover to a speaker. In a passive speaker the electronic crossover components judges the sound which is transferred from the speaker channels to a subwoofer.

How to set crossover frequency for car audio system 2022

How to set crossover frequency for car audio system

How to set crossover frequency for speakers

To set the crossover frequency for the speaker the first thing that you have to understand is the quality of your car speaker with which you are currently dealing with. Below we are going to discuss about How to set crossover frequency for speakers.

To get the speaker frequency response at first you should notice at your speakers specification. Either it will look like  “32-10,000Hz” or other number within that range.

Now you should go to the receiver’s setup menu with a remote control so that you can find find the part of the menu which shows the size of your car speaker and crossover point. The way of finding this menu will not be the same in every speaker that’s why you must use the your product manual.

While in the receiver’s menu you must keep your eye at the specification’s sheet of the speaker after that you should take the note of the lowest frequency. In maximum cases 2/3 way speaker has either 30. 40 or 55 Hz lowest frequency but in subwoofer the lowest frequency is 20HZ.

Keep your eyes open on the options that are available in your receiver’s crossover adjustment menu. Now, multiply the lowest value on your speaker’s specification sheet by two.

The high pass crossover point of your car speaker is the frequency at which your bookshelf speaker gives way to the speaker. The low pass crossover point is the range where the subwoofer will begin to taper off.

So its proved that a car speaker should have the lowest frequency range upto 40 HZ and have a roll of that around 32 HZ.

Best car audio crossover

How to set crossover frequency for speakers

If you are thinking to have great sound from your car speaker then you must have the best car audio crossover for your car. No matter what is the condition of your car speaker because car audio crossover has the capability to create quality sound even from a poor quality speaker also.

There are three different things that will decide how a crossover is going to produce a result that is frequency, and the slope, high pass system, and low pass system. If you are a car driver by profession then you must know how to set these things because above we have mentioned about how to set crossover frequency for different car audio system. By watching that you should learn how to set crossover frequency mainly these three things that are high pass system, low pass system frequency, and the slope.

So if you want to enjoy music while you are travelling in a car then you must have a good quality car audio crossover for your car which will improve the sound quality of your car speaker.


If you have read the whole article with full of attention then I am sure that you have understood the whole process of how to set crossover frequency for car audio system. But if you have any doubt remain in your mind then you can feel free to ask me through below comment section.

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