how to fix sunglass holder in car

As you are searching by typing the word How to fix sunglass holder in car that means either you have broken your favorite brand sunglasses or it get’s little bit scratched.

For both cases the solution is one that is fixing sunglass holder in your car which will allow you to keep your sunglasses safely when you do not have the mood to wear it.

Fixing sunglass holder in your car is not the toughest job if you follow our below given steps one by one.

How to fix sunglass holder in car

In this article we are going to discuss 2 different methods of fixing sunglass holder. One is budget friendly and easier and the other one is little bit pricy but gives your car interior premium type look. Now its up to you which method you will follow to fix the sunglass holder in your car.

How to fix sunglass holder in headliner

Fixing sunglass holder in headliner is little bit pricy but it gives a premium type look to your car which I think every car lover wants. So if you wants to give your car premium type look then scroll down and follow our step by step guide.

Things that you need to have for fixing sunglass holder in headliner
New Sunglass Holder with pre installed 2 LED Lights
  • At first you have to take the measurement of the sunglass holder. So that you can cut the area in perfect shape where you want to fix the sunglass holder.
  • Now cut few inches after the rear view sunglasses headliner portion with a sharpen blade or a knife so that you can fix the sunglass holder on that cutted portion.
  • Next you will find that this newly designed sunglass holder has comes with a 2 inbuilt white color LED light which you need to connect from the roof lamp if you wants to switch it on.
  • After completing the wiring you will notice a screw on every corner of the sunglass holder which you must tighten with a screwdriver to complete the task of fixing sunglasses.

How to fix sunglass holder in sun visor

Things that you need to have for fixing sunglass holder in Sun Visor
Sunglass Holder Clip
How to fix sunglass holder in car

It is both budget friendly and easy to install sunglass holder in sun visor compared to fixing it on a headliner portion of the car. So if you have lesser budget and wants to learn a simpler method for installing sunglass holder then this particular method will be the best option for you

  • At first you have to bent the sun visor down. Next you have to clip the sunglass holder into the sun visor. The task of clipping the sunglass holder will be easier if its made up of leather material because leather made sunglass holder will allow you to stretch it to the clip.
  • After clipping the sunglass holder into the sun visor you must check whether it’s perfectly positioned or not. If not then must positioned it perfectly with your hands.
  • Now its ready to keep the sunglasses safely. You should always remember to keep the glasses of your sunglasses lens towards the down side.


After reading the above two process of how to fix sunglass holder in car I think think you are feeling confident that you can do the task by yourselves. If my guess is right then what are you waiting for just have sunglass holder for car from the market and either fix it in the headliner or fix it on the sun visor.

If you find both my above given methods useful then share it with your friend who have car in their house or drives other car by profession.

Can you keep sunglasses in your car?

Yes you can keep sunglasses in your car. To keep the sunglasses safely you need to fix sunglass holder either in the headliner of your car or in the sun visor of your car.

Where Should sunglasses be stored in a car?

You can store the sunglasses either on the microfiber bag which you got from the shop while buying the sunglass or you can keep it on a sunglass holder of your car.

Why do people wear sunglasses in car?

People wear sunglasses to protect their eyes while driving their car, which means sunglasses helps in getting better visibility and keeps your eyes protected against UV rays.
If outside weather remains sunny then the driver can loose his or her concentration due the extreme brightness. That’s why if you drive your car by wearing sunglasses then you can avoid unnecessary accident.

Is it illegal to drive with sunglasses?

Yes you can drive your car by wearing sunglasses. It is not a legal requirement in sunny day or in bright conditions but police will consider you to drive your car by wearing sunglasses.

What colour sunglasses are best for driving?

The perfect tint for driving are grey, amber, and copper-tinted lenses because they maintain color distinction. Light green, blue, red, and pink can distort important colors, which are crucial for seeing traffic lights.

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