how to fix sunglass holder in car

Do you want to know How to fix sunglass holder in car then read this article or guide?

We all know having a pair of sunglasses will help you in improving your overall look and fashion. These sunglasses are a really important accessory to improve your style or fashion. If you are a car driver then I think you will want to take off your sunglass while driving your car but if you kept it in your car dashboard or in other places then it may get damaged.

That’s why if you have a sunglass holder in your car then it will be a huge advantage for you to keep your stylish sunglass there. But it’s not only a matter about having a sunglass holder but also you should know How to fix a sunglass holder in car because if you do not know how to fix it then you may have to take your car to a garage to fix the sunglass holder in your car which can be both costly and time-wasting also.

If you know How to fix sunglass holder in car then it will be both times saving and cost-effective also. And the task of installing or fixing the sunglass holder in a car is not so much difficult if you follow my guides properly and have faith in me then you can very easily do the task by yourself only.

How to fix sunglass holder in car 2021

How to fix sunglass holder in car

Now we are going to discuss about How to fix a sunglass holder in a car just in 3 simple and easiest steps

  • At first you should bent the sun visor down after that you should slide it into the clip or you can use the area of your car air conditioner to fix the clip.
  • Clipping the sunglass holder is a very easiest task if your sunglass holder is a leather made one then you can just strectch your sunglass holder to clip it to your sun visor after clipping you must check whether it has been perfectly positioned or not. If not then you can adjust it by your hands. If its made from alluminum alloy then there is a no chance of strecching it just you have clip it in yur sun viso or near your car air conditioner.
  • Secondly hold the glasses of your sunglass from the frame and keep the glasses of your sunglass lens towards the downside.
  • Thirdly You should use your finger so that you can slightly open the clamps and slide in the glasses temples.

So you have completed the task fixing your sunglass holder so easily. I think now you are feeling little bit confedient as you have completed the total task by yourself without taking the help of anyone. Its really a simple task of clipping it in a place of your car.

How to use Sunglass holder in a car

How to fix sunglass holder in car

I think it is really essential to know how to use a sunglass holder in a car. If you have brought it then you know that the clip is included with every single bundle.

A sunglass holder is really an important accessory for every single car driver who wears night driving sunglasses or daytime sunglasses to reduce the glare of a road.

If you have a 2 sunglasses then you must use a mini visor organizer which can very easily hold the 2 sunglasses with a 180-degree rotation facility which will allow you in storing the double sunglasses.

So while using 2 sunglasses you must keep the double glass holder in a 180-degree rotation so that one sunglass does not get attached with the other one which may cause a scratch in both the sunglasses.

What is Sunglass Holder?

A sunglass holder has the capability to hold your stylish and pricy sunglasses in a particular place without damaging it. You can fix this sunglass holder to the AC vent or to the sun visor. The maximum number of sunglass holders basically comes with a built-in sponge which will surely help you prevent scratches and with it you can securely place the glasses with it.

If you do not have a sunglass holder and wants to keep your sunglass as you are driving your car most of the time people keep the sunglasses in a car dashboard and their fashionable sunglass got damaged that’s why if you have a sunglass holder in your car then I think you can keep your sunglass without having any problem or without having any fear in mind aboth the scratches in sunglass or braking or damaged.

Types Of sunglass holders for car

Basically, you will find two types of sunglass holders for car that are mono sunglass holder and dual sunglass holder

Mono sunglass holder – With this particular sunglass holder you can very easily clip a single pair of sunglass very easily.

Dual Glass Holder – With this particular sunglass holder you can very easily clip two pairs of sunglasses on it. This dual glass sunglass holder has a very special rotatable feature. With this dual glass holder, both the driver and passenger of a car can clip their sunglasses which is a real sort of advantage.


Those who love wearing sunglasses both during the night time or during day time to give comfort to their eyes or to keep their fashionable look. They must know How to install sunglass holder in the car or How to fix sunglass holder in the car. Because they can fix the sunglass holder by themselves then they do not have to pay the extra money to the garage owner and its a matter about learning a new thing by watching a video or by reading a guide and I think everyone wants to learn a new thing for their car.

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