how to test 7.3 Powerstroke injectors

If you are a car enthusiast and know how to test 7.3 Powerstroke injectors then it will be an advantage for you. On the 7.3 Liter diesel engine there are 8 fuel injectors every single filter is corespondent to every single cylinder. These 7.3 Powerstroke injectors are placed under the fuel rails, these 7.3 injectors have a solenoid that will open a valve when it is involved to permit pressurized fuel so that you can spray it into the combustion chamber.

how to test 7.3 Powerstroke injectors

The fuel side of the 7.3 fuel injector is contained with many components which are normally recognized as wear items. With a proper level of fuel filtration, the fuel side of the injector will surely go well in excess of 400,000 miles without having any issues.

The failure of a fuel injector will be the result of lean and rich conditions on every single cylinder during the time of combustion. If you distribute fuel in an improper way then it may result in a decrease of power, set off engine codes, or mechanical failure. If you can recognize the failure of a fuel injector at an early stage then you can prevent the costly repairs that are connected with too rich or too lean combustion conditions.

Every single 7.3 fuel injector can be thought of as having either an oil side or a fuel side.

The oil side of an injector has really one leading component that is surely known as the poppet valve. You can operate the poppet valve which is just like a valve in a cylinder head.

The fuel side of a 7.3L fuel injector is contained with a much more component which is not normally considered as a wear item.

Now we are going to describe How to test 7.3 Powerstroke injectors

Below we are going to describe how to test 7.3 Powerstroke injectors in a few steps

At first, check the injector valve

At first, you should park the vehicle at the safest place which is away from the human crowd. After that, you must set the emergency brake perfectly and start the engine.

You must touch a stethoscope or the tip of a long handle screwdriver, towards the top of a fuel injector. After that hear with the help of a stethoscope or you must press the handle end of a screwdriver to your ear. An operational fuel injector will surely help you to produce a clicking sound as both the valve and solenoid are engaged with it.

You must test the wirings on a fuel injector that is not operational. If the wiring of a Powerstroke injector is functional then replace it with a fuel injector.

Secondly, you must test the fuel injectors wire voltage

Now you must turn the ignition key to an on position. You may or may not start the engine as starting the engine is not so much essential. after that, you must disconnect the electrical plug from the fuel injector so that it can be tested.

Now you should set the multimeter to volts. Install the multimeter leads into every single side of an injector plug. Not a single specific polarity is needed for it. The voltage output of a multimeter should be approximately 12 volts.

You must change the fuel injector if the engine control module (ECM) is nothing just a failure in the part. The lead will surely provide you 12 volts. If the wire of this fuel injector is not producing 12 volts then you must replace it.

Next, you must check the resistance of a fuel injector

At first set up the multimeter to ohms then you should touch the red and black multimeter leads onto every single side of a fuel injector plug terminal. After that, you should note the results.

You must take the same reading from the last seven fuel injectors. You must compare every single result. The reading of your fuel injector must be the same as all fuel injectors. The failed injector will surely have a different reading compared to the other that displays either a little bit more or a little bit less readings.

You must replace the fuel injector that’s ohmmeter reading is various from the other fuel injectors.

Fourthly you must check the regulator of a fuel pressure

At first, you must pull the vacuum line from the fuel pressure regulator.

Verify the fuel pressure regulator carefully then you must notice into the hole from which the vacuum line is pulled. If the fuel is present then the diaphragm can be cut off.

You must change the fuel injector if fuel is present on it. Change the Vacuum hose if the fuel pressure regulator is operational.

Fifthly troubleshooting electrical shorts

You must disconnect all the eight fuel injector plugs from the plug.

You should adjust the multimeter to volts. Then you should connect the black lead with your car battery to a positive terminal. You should touch the red lead to the wired plug of a fuel injector.

To start the engine you can take the attempt of a helper. You must monitor the voltage on the multimeter. The reading must be alternated between 0 and 12 volts during the starting time of an engine.

You must wire the same plug so that you can easily test the other fuel injectors and after that, you must repeat the test for every single. It is not so much necessary to test other plugs while you are checking for a short. If short exists the test will be failed during the time of plug wire connection to a faulty injector.

To get a final test you must disconnect the earlier connected plug and check the voltage so that you can test the last fuel injector.

Change any fuel injector that will be the reason for short which will be the results of no alteration between zero and twelve volts during the time of the test.

Lastly, you must find the leaks of a fuel injector

At first check the fuel injector connection with the fuel rail. If a fuel injector will exist then it may damage the O rings of a fuel injector. Damaged or not properly seated O rings will leak fuel under a pressure. The fuel lines will be in a pressurized situation during the time of operation.

You may depressurize the total fuel system and you can remove every single bolt on the accessories that are air intake tube, electronics, or vacuum hoses which will surely give access to the fuel rail.

You must remove the injector from an engine just by pulling the injector directly out from the hole. Change the O rings of a fuel injector. Use a small amount of motor oil to the O rings.


So after reading this guide about how to test 7.3 Powerstroke injectors I think you have understood how to test. If this guide has helped you then you must share this guide with car enthusiasts as it will surely help them. If you are having an LB7 Duramax vehicle in your house then you must use injectors for LB7 Duramax to get better mileage from your Duramax vehicle.

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