how to install front shocks on a chevy truck

Do you have a Chevy truck? If your answer is yes then we understand how much you are attached to your chevy truck. It is pretty much necessary that you take care of the shocks on a chevy truck by yourself. As we all know that shock absorber plays a very important role in our road trips as it gives us a pretty smooth ride.

This shock has the capability to absorb excess energy that is caused by the rough road. So it is pretty much essential that you should take care about the shocks of chevy express van or chevy truck by yourself without trusting any outsider whoever it may be whether it’s a professional person or a non-professional person.

how to install front shocks on a chevy truck

If you want small up-gradation or small repair of shocks on a chevy truck then I think you do not need any professional person and those who have love towards their car or truck can surely do this sorts of tasks by themselves. Due to the passing of days, the components of a shock are deteriorating which can be the cause of creating bounce on your vehicles.

If the quality of your shocks is not up to the mark then even on the smallest bump of a road can even hit harder. So if you want to get good performance from your chevy truck then it is essential to replace the shocks of your chevy truck when needed.

However, people might be a little bit confused or distressed when you have to install the front or rear shocks of your Chevy truck.

In this article, we are going to discuss about how to replace shocks on a chevy truck and while replacement of shocks what are the safety measure you should take we will discuss about that also.

How to install front shocks on a chevy truck

How to install front shocks on a chevy truck

If you have realized the front shocks on your truck then you must change it and you do not have to go to any experts or mechanics to install it if you learn how to install front shocks on a chevy truck. After installing the front shocks on a chevy truck you must have a few safety measures in your mind and everything must be fine. Now just read the important points of front shocks on a chevy truck

  • The first thing that you must do is block the wheels so that the car does not move from its place throughout the process of installing the shocks.
  • Now you must use perfect tools so that you can lose the lug nuts. You should not remove them completely.
  • If you notice a lot of rust use penetrating oil to make the total process lot easier. Rusty shocks will make the total installation process lot more frustrating.
  • Now it is time to use the jack properly. You must jack your truck up and use the stands in a proper way so that you will get the truck support pretty safely. If you need an extra bit of jack then you must use it without having any hesitation in your mind as this jack will provide you much more safety.
  • After that, you must remove the wheels by using a tire iron.
  • Then you must find the front shock and unbolt it by using a wrench and a pier. You are going to notice bolts at the end. So you may need a ratchet and socket to remove it.
  • Now you must carefully pull the shock. You must do it from the bottom end.
  • Now you must take the brand new shock and install it with the help of a lower arm. You must tighten the top shock bolt but you must not tight it very hard.
  • After this the bottom of the shock can be installed again from the lower control arm.
  • If you want to tighten the top shock bolt then you must use pliers and wrenches.
  • Now its pretty nice and simple to do the task.

Benefits of Using Shocks

We all know that shocks are a pretty important component of the truck. Now we are going to expand on it and we are going to tell you how important shock is. Chevy trucks have two types of shock one is front shock and the other one is rear shock. Both of these shocks will work great to give the possibly best smoothest ride.

If you want to enjoy your total road trip then you must have these shocks on your chevy truck because without having a good quality shock you will feel the road is pretty much bumpy and every anomaly on the road is going to hurt you. These shocks of a chevy truck are going to control the quality of a ride and the braking mechanisms. If you are having a Jeep wrangler in your house then you must have the riding shocks for jeep wrangler

How should you test your shocks?

It is not a problematic task to find out the shocks are not working correctly properly. If you notice the shocks of your chevy truck minutely then only you can test it without having any problem. If you notice the leakage of hydraulic fluid around the total piston base then it will be a proper sign of wear on shocks that is based on hydraulics.

If you are eager to test the shocks of your chevy truck you must push the truck down above the shocks and release it immediately to notice whether the chevy Tahoe truck stans steady or gives a little bit of bounce or not. Bounces are not allowed if every single shock will work perfectly working shocks will stabilize your vehicle within a few periods of time. So if there is a bounce then the quality of your shocks is not up to the mark.

Why should you replace the shocks of your Chevy truck?

Just like everything else shocks and struts start to deteriorate after using it for a few periods of time. when it will start to damage you will feel that every bumpy road is hitting harder. You will not be able to brake as smoothly as you are doing it earlier. So if the quality of your shocks is not up to the mark then you will not have proper control to go over it very easily. If you lose control then it can be dangerous especially when you are having a long journey because you will be liable for an accident. So low-quality shocks can be the reason for an accident and it can even frustrate you.

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how to replace rear shocks on chevy silverado?

Most car experts explain that when you are replacing the shocks you must replace the shocks in a pair. So when there is a need of changing the front shocks at that it is also essential to adjust the back shocks as well. So you must notice now how to replace front shocks Silverado and how to replace back shocks Silverado.

  • Blocks and wheel chocks
  • Adequately rated floor jacks and support stands
  • Ratcheting Socket Wrench
  • Combination Wrench
  • Safety Glasses


Now I think after reading this article I think you have to understand how to install front shocks on a chevy truck. While performing the task you must wear safety goggles at all times. You must use gloves and face protection as well. Now I think you can very easily install the shocks on your Chevy truck. If you are having Z71 Silverado car in your house then you can use shocks for Z71 silverado.

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