As you are searching by typing the word how to install front shocks on a chevy truck on google or bing that means either you are loosing control on turn or you are loosing control while pressing the brake on your chevy truck. To get the controlled back while taking turn and while pressing the brake you wants to install best shocks for chevy truck by yourselves.

If that is your wish then I will say that you have clicked into the right website for getting information about how to replace front shocks on a chevy truck and how to install front shocks on a chevy truck.

How to install front shocks on a chevy truck

how to install front shocks on a Chevy Truck

To install new front shocks on a chevy truck the first thing that you have to do is replace the old shocks at first.

To remove the old shocks from a chevy truck you need to loose the bolt with which it remains stucked with.

Things that you need to install front shocks on a chevy truck are 

14mm wrench
15mm ratchet
Locking pliers
2 shock absorber

At first lift the truck up by using jack. While lifting the chevy tuck up with the help of a jack you must remember to lift the back tire up to 6 to 8 inches above the ground.

At first you should remove the wheels. Next you should remove the slug nut covers and also remove all of the lug nuts. Now you should remove the tire by covering it with both of our hands.

Are you noticing two bolts. One is above the shock absorber and the another is under the shock absorber. To remove the old shock absorber you have to loose both the bolts. At first starts with a upper bolt. You have to use a locking pliers to hold the tiny wrench and 15 mm ratchet to free up the bolts. To free up the bolts easily you must move your 15mm ratchet back and forth. As the nuts has become free you can use your hands to take the nuts off.

Next you have to move towards the down side and think about removing the 21 millimeter nuts with a wrench which is also 21 millimeters. Now take the old shocks out.

Now its time to installing the new shocks. But before installing the new shocks on your chevy truck you must compress it for 4-5 times and waits 1-2 minutes so that it comes to its normal shape.

While installing the new shocks you must insert the washer in bushing first then bring it up to the frame after that line up the bottom and then bring in your bolt from inside out after that stare the nut once all this task are completed put in your rubber bushing after that put the washer upon the top.

Now at this point you need a jack to raise the suspension up because thread will not come at the top. With the help of a floor jack positioned safely under control arm. Jack up this side of the suspension which will give enough clearance on the shocks.

Now you will notice that the thread has comes through and with the help of a 14 millimeter wrench you can lock nut. As you can notice that the shocks are spinning. You can grab the top with some locking pliers and you can use adjustable wrench still it starts to compress.

You should not compress it too much. So when you think that you have enoughly compressed the nut then you should remove the tools.

Next you should snug the bottom with pressure still on the control arm and the torque for this bottom bolt is 18.4 pounds.

Now put of the jack and put on the wheel which you have removed for replacing the old shocks and install new shocks after that tighten the lug nuts and end the task by putting the lug nut cover cap.

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So if you are still reading this article then I think you have understood how to install front shocks on a chevy truck and if you still have any doubt regarding any above given steps of the how to install front shocks on a chevy truck then either you can ask me through below given comment section or you can watch our above given youtube video to get clear idea about how to remove front shocks from chevy truck and how to install front shocks on a chevy truck easily.

Do you need to jack up truck to change front shocks?

Yes you need to jack up the truck to change the front shocks.

Can you replace front shocks yourself?

Yes you can replace front shocks by yourselves because in this modern day you can type the word to google how to install front shocks on a Chevy Truck and read 1-2 article to get proper idea about it and then you can do the task by yourselves very easily.

Which way should a shock be mounted?

Your rear shock absorbers should be mounted as far outboard as possible as well, and in as close to perpendicular to the travel of the suspension.

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