As you are searching in google by typing the word how to replace shock absorber that means either you have noticed that your car shocks is leaking oil or loosing its control while crossing the bumpy road or your car tire is not rolling smoothly rather its bouncing more etc.

If my assumption is right then I will say that time has came to replace the worn out shock absorber and install a new shock absorber in your car.

By noticing your curiosity of knowing how to change shock absorber it is clear that you want to do the task by yourselves. If my assumption is right then I will say that you have taken a right decision because if you replace the shocks by yourselves then you can save some extra dollar as well as you will do the task more correctly compared to garage mechanic because garage mechanic does the same task for whole day that’s why he may loose his concentration but if you replace the shock absorber by yourselves then you will have urge for doing the task more accurately as you are doing the task for your own car.

So read our below given steps to know how to replace shock absorber and how to install shock absorber after replacing the worn out one.

How to Replace Shock Absorber 2022

Now we are going to discuss about how to change shock absorber in 10 easiest steps which will surely boost your confidence level to do the whole task by yourselves. So scroll down and read our below given 10 steps.

Things that you need to have with you for replacing shock absorber are

Jack stands

Floor Jack

Sockets & Ratchets

Wheel blocks 

Wheel chocks

Few wrenches

And the last one is new shock absorber
how to replace shock absorber

First Step

Before replacing the shock absorber of your wheels you must take some protentional steps like you must place the wheel chocks and blocks both in your front and back wheels of your vehicle.

Second Step

At first you should check the condition of your shock absorber by noticing whether its leaking oil or not, Losing the control of steering or not while taking turn and notice whether your car tire is bouncing more while crossing the gravel road.

Third Step

Have a strut assembly from the market to perfectly replace the shocks and struts from your vehicle. The price of strut assembly may be on the higher side but if you want perfection then have this strut assembly from the market for replacing the shock absorber of your car.

Fourth Step

Now start the task of replacing shock absorber from one side and before replacing the shock absorber you must mark the position of every single nuts and bolts of your shock absorber. Use the other side as a reference.

After marking the nuts and bolts you must raise the car with the help of a jack stand. Now before loosening the nuts and bolts if you find rust has formed in it then lubricate it. Next spin two lug nuts onto the studs and tighten to secure the rotor to the hub. Lastly you should mount the angle gauge to the top of the rotor and keep note of the exact angle.

Fifth Step

Disconnect the  stabilizer bar end link and any brake lines that remains secured with the shock absorber. With the help of a wrench hold the ended link of the stabilizer bar. Now loose the nuts with the help of a socket and ratchet. Push the ended part of the link out from the shock absorber hole and move it towards the side. Now disconnect the wheel speed sensor and keep it aside.

Sixth Step

Now time has came to use your strong muscles for loosing the nuts of the shock absorber. After removing the nuts of the shock absorber you must loose the bolts of it. Finally you should push the steering knuckle in and out for shaking the bolts out from the holes.

Seventh Step

Now you must loosen the nuts of the shock absorber with the help of a socket ratchet. After loosing you must remove the nuts except one.

Eighth Step

After removing the nuts from the shock absorber you must reach there so that you can give well support to the shock absorber. Next you should hold the lower portion and spring of the shock absorber and tilt the bottom out towards you. Now remove the damaged shock absorber and install the new shock absorber that you have brought from the market. The task of installing new shock absorber needs little bit of brain or intelligence but if you have remembered the nuts position or kept the note of the exact angle then you do the whole task very easily.

Ninth Step

As the task of installing shock absorber needs little bit of muscle power that’s why it will be better if you call your friend to do the task. When you will fix the nuts of the shock absorber at that time you must tell your friend to hold the shock absorber with full of care. Then push the steering knuckle ¬†into the strut flange and use a pin punch to align one hole so you can insert a bolt. Next you must remove the punch and insert other bolt. You must remember one thing that is you should not tighten the nuts fully. Now reattach your angle gauge and push the knuckle so that it comes closer to the original camber angle. Again check the chamber angle and torque the nuts to spec.

Tenth Steps

Last you should reinstall all the components that you have removed earlier for removing the shock absorber.

Have a test drive after changing the shocks

Now after replacing the shock absorber you must take a test drive. While having the test drive you must remember one thing that is you should not drive your car at high speed because you are taking the drive to check whether you have changes the shocks perfectly or not. If you hear any noise then immediately stop your car and check where you have done the mistake. But if you feel that everything is running smoothly then you must feel confident that you have done the task of changing shock absorber perfectly in your first attempt.

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How much does a shock replacement cost?

Do you know the cost of shock replacement? If your answer is no then I must tell you that the cost of shock replacement will not be fixed because if you select a high quality shocks then you have to pay higher price for it but if you have budget friendly or cost effective shocks for your car then the cost of shock replacement will be on the lower side but in general you have to pay $200 -$400 for replacing shocks by yourselves and if you do it in a garage then then you have to pay additional of  $150 to $300.


If you have followed above given 10 steps properly then I think you have not face any problem in changing the shock absorber. If your answer is yes then I feel grateful to help you in replacing the shock absorber by yourselves. But if you still have any confusion or wants to know the whole process practically then watch our youtube video by clicking on the above given link.

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